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11-14 Mustang Flowmaster Hushpower Video

Posted 5/10/2012 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch the 11-14 Mustang Flowmaster Hushpower Axle Back Exhaust Video here! Mufflers give amazing deep tone and 4" polished tips provide great looks.

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Get great looks and amazing deep tone without all the headache from excessively loud exhaust with the 11-14 Mustang Flowmaster Hushpower Axle back Exhaust system. Flowmaster gives you their deep American muscle car sound and great show winning looking with their Hushpower series muffles.

About the Video

11-14 Mustang Flowmaster Hushpower Video

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Published on 2012-05-10
Flowmaster Mustang GT & GT500 Hushpower axle back exhaust mufflers
Part# FLO-819109
Fits years: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Mustang V6, GT, & Boss 302
Fits years: 2011, 2012 GT500

Startup, 2k hold, 4k hold, full rev, and exterior 1-5th gear.

Get the amazing Flowmaster sound and looks with the Hushpower axle back exhaust sytem for your S197 Mustang. Features 4" polished tips and canister style mufflers of aggressive sound and great performance!

Stock headers and mid-pipe