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11 Things You Need To Do To Your Mustang Before Winter

Posted 10/19/2016 by Tyler Rodriquez

If you own a Mustang, here are 11 things you should do before winter hits!

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11 Things You Need To Do To Your Mustang Before Winter

  1. Oil Change

  2. With the dropping temperatures, you are going to want to make sure your engine is properly lubricated for top notch performance!

    Oil Change


  3. Air Filter Change

  4. Probably one of the simplest maintenance services, changing your air filter is a quick and easy way to make sure your motor is getting proper air flow and gas mileage.

    Air Filter Change


  5. Coolant Flush

  6. One of the most important maintenance services for winter prep is flushing your cooling system. You will want to make sure to use the proper coolant as well as check your radiator, thermostat and hoses before the cold weather hits!

    Coolant Flush


  7. Check/Change Tires

  8. Tires are an easy one to look over but play the most important roll in winter driving. Check for any irregular tire wear, improperly inflated tires, and overall tire condition.

    Tire Change


  9. Check Heater Function

  10. An easy part to look over before it's too late is the heater function. Run your heater before it gets to cold to make sure everything is working properly so you can stay warm in those frigid winter months!

    Check Heater Function


  11. Replace Wiper Blades

  12. With winter, comes rain and snow. A set of new windshield wiper blades is cheap insurance to make sure your line of sight is not obscured in any way.

    Replace Wiper Blades


  13. Inspect All Lights

  14. The last thing you want to do in the cold weather is be pulled over for a headlight or taillight that is out. Make sure to inspect all bulbs and housings for parts that need to be replaced.

    Inspect Lights


  15. Have Your Brakes Checked

  16. Winter driving requires a brake system that is functioning at it's best. Have your brakes checked out to make sure your Mustang is safe for winter driving.

    Brake Check


  17. Check Your Exhaust

  18. While usually overlooked, salt from deicing roads can cause exhaust systems to rust out. Visually inspect your exhaust components for any rust and replace as needed.

    Exhaust Check


  19. Check Your Battery

  20. Don't get left stranded in the cold! Have your battery checked for proper performance and make sure to check those cables and connections for corrosion. Clean or replace as needed.

    Battery Check


  21. Pick Up a Car Cover

  22. Not driving your car in the winter? Pick up a Mustang car cover to keep the dirt and grime off of it!

    Car Cover