15 Weird Things Car People Do

Posted 1/15/2016 by Tyler Rodriquez

Whether you are a car guy or car girl, you know there are things you do that seem normal in the car community, but come off as weird to others. Late Model Restoration has put together a list of the top 15 weird things car people do. How many can you relate to?

  • They Like To Rev Their Cars In Confined Spaces.

  • They Know Other Car People By Their Cars, Not Their Name.

  • They Have More Photos Of Their Car In Their Phone Than Their Significant Other

  • They Can Recognize A Car A Mile Away At Night By The Shape Of The Headlights

  • Parking Ridiculously Far Away From Other Cars To Prevent Door Dings

  • Cleaning Their Cars More Than Themselves

  • They Most Likely Know The UPS Driver On A First Name Basis.

  • They Will Freak Out Over A Tiny Scratch On Their Car.

  • They Love, And I Mean Love The Smell Of Race Fuel.

  • Sacrificing Ride Quality For The Right Stance.

  • They Prefer A Classic Car Over A New, Technology Filled Car.

  • Posts Hundreds Of Pics Of Their Car On Their Instagram.

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  • They Will Stop In The Middle Of A Drive For The Perfect Photo.

  • Video Credit - Moostang

  • They Can Quote Any Popular Racing Movie.

  • Their Car Friends Are Like Family