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1981 Fox Body Ford Mustang Parts & Accessories

1981 Fox Body Ford Mustang Parts & Accessories

1981 Fox Body Ford Mustang Parts & Accessories

Looking for 1981 Mustang parts & accessories? Latemodel Restoration has a wide variety of restoration and performance parts for your muscle car. Fox Body restoration is our specialty here and we have everything you need to get the job done. Choose from performance, suspension, exterior, interior and many more upgrades to get your Fox Body looking and performing better than ever. Here at Latemodel Restoration we offer great brands such as SVE, 50resto, GTS, TMI, Ford Racing, MSD, Dakota Digital and more for your '81 Ford Mustang!

Because of the oil crisis in 1979, Ford decided to replace the 4.9L V-8 with a 4.2L V-8 in hopes of achieving better fuel economy for the fox body. The new engine was the only V-8 engine that was offered in 1980 and 81. It produced only 120 hp, the lowest ever for a Mustang V-8. This change meant that the performance choice for 'Stang buyers was the 2.3 L turbocharged four cylinder engine - it produced 132 horsepower, but had reliability issues due to inadequate lubrication. It was listed as an option for the fox body 'Stang through 1981.

If you're looking for parts for your 1981 Mustang, check out the categories below for easy searching. We have an extensive selection of performance parts, mods, and accessories for the 1981 Mustang enthusiast.

1981 Ford Mustang

Ford offered a "Traction-Lok" limited slip differential for the first time in 1981. It was an option with any engine combination.

1981 Ford Mustang Engine Specifications

2.3 liter Inline Four
Horsepower 88 hp
2.3 liter Turbocharged Inline Four
Horsepower 132 hp
3.3L V-6
Horsepower 91 hp
4.2L V-8
Horsepower 120 hp