1993 Ford SVT Lightning Parts

Ford introduced the SVT Lightning in 1993 to compete with the Chevy 454 SS mainly, in an effort to enhance the sporty, performance minded image of the F-Series pickup.

The first generation Lightning was powered by a special version of Ford's 5.8L V-8 engine, which produced 240 horsepower. The basic platform was the same as the regular F-150, but many modifications were made to the vehicle systems, including increasing the rigidity of the chassis. The stock Lightning could achieve .88g lateral acceleration, but still retained most of the hauling capacity of the F-series. An upgraded E40D automatic transmission was the only option. On the exterior, it was treated to special 17" aluminum wheels, Lightning badging, a unique front air dam with fog lamps, and a lowered suspension (1" in front, 2.5" in rear).

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