1993 SVT Cobra Spoiler Installation (Fox Body)

Posted 2/6/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Give your Fox Body Mustang some 1993 SVT Cobra styling with this rear spoiler. Watch this video to see what it will take to help transform your Stang with this aggressive 93 Cobra wing!

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1993 SVT Cobra Spoiler Installation (Fox Body) - 93 Cobra Wing installation - Fox Body Mustang

Want to give your hatchback Fox Body Mustang a new exterior look? One of the most popular spoilers for the Fox Body Mustang has to be the aggressively designed 1993 Cobra rear spoiler. This wing was made super popular by Ford’s first SVT Cobra. It features taller than factory design for more air to flow through it and improved downforce. It was by far one of the most distinctive features found on the exterior of the these iconic Fox Body Mustangs.

This reproduction spoiler is manufactured out of high quality fiberglass and ready to paint. Installation will require you to make a trip to your local body shop. It is not a direct bolt on part. You will have to have the original spoiler holes filled and have new ones drilled. Once the body work is complete and the paint is applied, you will be amazed at how well this improves the exterior looks of your Fox Body!

This spoiler does use the 87-93 third brake light assembly so installation is a breeze! All you have to do is remove your old 3rd brake light and transfer it to the new 93 Cobra Wing. Click on the link below for even more information about this Fox Body Mustang spoiler!


About the Video

Mustang 1993 Cobra Rear Spoiler Installation (79-93 Fox Body)

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Published on 2013-10-22
Adding a spoiler to any Mustang is an easy way to drastically improve the looks of your Stang. One of the most popular wings for Fox Body Mustangs is the 1993 Cobra style spoiler. It was made popular on the first production SVT Cobra and quickly become Mustang Enthusiasts favorite. Here at LatemodelRestoration.com we offer 93 Cobra spoilers for all three body types of 79-93 Stangs -- Hatchback, Coupe and Convertible. Be sure to click the link above to see our complete line of Fox Body Rear Wings.

Installation and removal of this spoiler does require some modification and paint before installation. Your LX and GT factory rear wings feature holes drilled in different locations. These holes will need to be filled and new holes drilled for proper installation. The 93 Cobra spoilers include needed templates for proper installation. If you have any questions about this installation please give us a call -- 1-866-507-8871.
If you've ever wondered if you can install a '93 Cobra rear spoiler on your Mustang hatchback yourself, not so much.

And you may be raising the BS flag on me right now, saying, man, my stock spoiler came off so easy. Why can't I just bolt a new one on?

Well, because it's not exactly a bolt-on deal. Whether you have a GT or an LX, all of your existing factory holes need to be welded and filled, and then start over by drilling eight new holes to mount the Cobra spoiler.

The Cobra rear spoiler does, however, accept the stock GT rear third brake light, and it includes all the needed attaching hardware, gaskets, and even little templates to show you where to drill.

If you're in the market for a '93 Cobra spoiler, go ahead and pick one up from latemodelrestoration.com, then take your car and the new spoiler to your body shop of choice and let them go ahead, paint it and mount it up for you.

That way, when you pick up your car, it's all done. You don't have to worry about a thing.

1993 SVT Cobra Spoiler Installation (Fox Body) Tech Info

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