1999-2004 Mustang SVE First Mods

1999-2004 Mustang SVE First Mods

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1999-2004 Mustang SVE First Mods

Posted 5/8/2015 by Tyler Rodriquez

Whether you have just picked up a used New Edge or have owned one since the early 2000s, chances are you are wanting to upgrade some parts on it for a more custom look. Check out the most popular 1999-2004 Mustang first mods by SVE to get your New Edge looking great!

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It's no secret that the 1999-2004 Mustangs are becoming more and more popular as they become cheaper. If you want to get yours looking custom or just a little more aggressive, check out our SVE essential mods to help guide you through the most popular 1999-2004 Mustang parts.

1999-2004 Mustang SVE First Mods - 1999-2004 Mustang SVE First Mods

1999-2004 Mustang First Mods

  • SVE Aluminum Radiator- This SVE Mustang aluminum radiator is the perfect replacement for your New Edge. Bolting right in to your New Edge, this lightweight Mustang aluminum radiator is a quick and easy fix for a clogged, leaking, or damaged component.
  • SVE Caster Camber Plates- Made of a durable and protective Nickel Plate finish, these SVE Mustang caster camber plates will not chip or fade. With the Preloaded Spherical bearing design mated with 100% Tig Welds, you can be rest-assured these will last the lifetime of your Mustang. Our plates offer more adjustability than the competition and there’s no drilling required.
  • SVE Decal Kits- From logo decals to stripe kits, we only use the highest quality vinyl to provide pristine looks and longevity. Apply with confidence using our SVE Decal Application Kit and assure that your graphics are applied bubble free with ease.
  • SVE Mach 1 Grille Delete- The SVE Mach 1 grille delete allows the removal of the honeycomb grille and adds a clean new look to the fron of your 99-04 Mustang. This SVE 2 piece kit includes the delete panel, running pony emblem, and all required mounting hardware.
  • SVE Mustang Power Pack- Our SVE Mustang Power Pack includes an economy cold air intake, 75mm throttle body, plenum and an underdrive pulley kit to give your 1996-2001 Mustang a great increase in horsepower. Each part bolts on easily to your 4.6L engine and can be installed with common hand tools.
  • SVE Series Wheels- SVE Mustang wheels are a great upgrade to any 1999-2004 Mustang. SVE strives to offer a full variety of sizes, offsets, and finishes to fit your Mustang and your unique taste!
  • SVE Smoked Tail Light Tint- This SVE smoked tail light tint is made from high quality vinyl with an adhesive backing for a quick and easy installation. Simply peel and stick these decals straight onto your tail lights to save the time and money of painting them. This kit includes all of the direct fit decals to tint your tail lights for a smoked out look.
  • SVE Lowering Springs- These new and improved SVE Mustang Lowering Springs offer aggressive styling and wicked handling, all at an affordable price! These 99-04 Mustang lowering springs will immediately improve handling and give your Mustang that aggressive lowered look.
  • SVE 8” Shorty Antenna- Our SVE 8” Mustang shorty antenna is made from stainless steel and powdered coated black for lifetime quality. It is designed to look exactly like your stock antenna, only shorter. It comes with everything you need and installs in minutes.
  • SVE Factory Tint Headlights- Give your New Edge that clean, factory look with this headlight replacement kit. Replace those dingy headlight lenses and increase nighttime visibility with this affordable kit from SVE!
  • SVE S1 Racing Seats- These black SVE S1 Mustang raving seats, coming in at a lightweight of just 24lbs a piece, are a great way to shave some weight out of your interior without having to sacrifice comfort. They provide enough comfort for daily driving while hugging you tight during spirited track outings!
  • SVE 13” Cobra Style Brakes- These SVE Mustang Cobra Brakes feature a set of new Cobra style, 2 piston brake calipers as well as a matching set of rear calipers. They come loaded with a high performance, friction compound, pad that is aggressive enough for weekend track days and auro cross, yet gentle enough for daily driving.
  • SVE Mach 1 Chin Spoiler- This SVE Mach 1 chin spoiler is made from duable ABS plastic to withstand impact for a durable, long-lasting product. Unlike other chin spoilers on the market, this Mustang chin spoiler is designed to fit the full length of your bumper for a clean, flush look from the very front, back to the wheel wells.

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