20 Thoughts That Go Through Every Mustang Owners Mind

Posted 3/27/2015 by Tyler Rodriquez

Whether you have owned 20 Mustangs or you are on your first Mustang, we all have the same thoughts that run through our head. Here are just a few that we Mustang enthusiasts here at Late Model Restoration know all to well.

  1. When you open your garage and see your Mustang.

  2. When you already know you are getting a ticket.

  3. When someone tells you that you post to many pictures of your Mustang.

  4. When Late Model Restoration has a sale.

  5. The Day Your Car Parts Are Scheduled To Come In.

  6. When your Mustang parts come in.

  7. When You See An Argument In A Mustang Facebook Group.

  8. When A Ricer Asks If You Want To Race.

  9. When You Grind A Gear In Public.

  10. When You Wash Your Mustang & It Starts Raining.

  11. 11. How It Feels Rolling To A Meet With Your Friends.

  12. 12. When Someone Yells "Do A Burnout" But You Just Bought New Tires.

  13. 13. How It Feels After You Install A New Mod.

  14. 14. When A Photographer Get The Perfect Picture Of Your Car

  15. 15. When That Picture Only Gets 10 Likes On Instagram

  16. 16. When You Get Complimented On Your Mustang

  17. 17. When Someone Says "LS Swap It"

  18. 18. When You See A Fellow Mustang Owner In Traffic

  19. 19. When You Think Back On All Of The Mods You Have Bought

  20. 20. When Your Mustang Wins A Trophy At A Car Show