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2001 Ford Lightning Parts

We have an extensive selection of performance parts, mods, and accessories for the 2001 Lightning enthusiast.

In 2001 Ford made quite a few changes to the Lightning, including a little extra boost in horsepower, up to 380 from 360, and in torque, up to 450ft-lbs from 440ft-lbs. Although some thought that Ford was being a little coy with those numbers. A few of the changes that facilitated the increase in horspower included an increased airbox opening, 3.73 rear end gears, and a freer flowing intake tract to the supercharger. The Special Vehicle Team also made the switch to the Bilstein monotube shock absorbers to improve handling, control, and to reduce the bucking motion found in the earlier Lightnings. The second generation Lightning was initially offered in just Bright Red, Black, and White paint colors. The 2000 Model Year brought the addition of the Silver color to the lineup. In 2002, True Blue, a very dark blue, was offered, but replaced with a lighter Sonic Blue in 2003. The 2003 Model Year also saw the introduction of the Dark Shadow Grey color.

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