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2005-2009 Mustang Oil Separator & Catch Cans

Reduce intake valve deposits and oil consumption with Late Model Restoration's selection of 2005-2009 Mustang oil separator kits.

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2005-09 Mustang Oil Separators & Catch Cans

2005-09 Mustang PCV System

2005-09 Mustang Oil Separator & Catch Can Tech Guides

Do Oil Separators Work?| Oil Separator Benefits

Many people wonder what an oil separator is and what benefits they provide if working correctly. We at LMR.com have provided this article to show you how these work.

S197 Mustang Oil Separator & Catch Cans

Protect your valves, combustion chamber, and intake from oil vapors with a 2005-09 Mustang oil separator kit. This kit goes between your PCV valve and the intake manifold to catch excess oil in your PCV system. These kits help reduce intake valve deposits and detonation, leaving you with a cleaner engine. Find these parts and other oil system components at LMR.com.