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2011 Mustang Dyno: 3.7L V6 & 5.0L GT

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 8/21/2020

Watch as we put our 2011 Mustang V6 and 5.0L GT on the dyno to see what they can put down. Watch the video and see if you can guess the horsepower!!

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If any of you follow our project cars, I am sure you have heard of our 2011 Mustang V6 dubbed "Project: Six Appeal" and our GM Scott Springer's 2011 Mustang 5.0L. We decided to take these two Stangs and see what they could do on the dyno. We never really got any baseline numbers for either Mustang, mostly because we got too excited to start modding them and couldn't get them to the dyno first. Now before you go and start bashing us for this, keep in mind we love what we do and if we have any chance to get under the hood and put a new part on you better believe we will as soon as we can.

Now for the Mustangs on the line up...

First off we had our 2011 Mustang V6. This is the first year model for the new 305 HP 3.7L V6. We named it Project Six Appeal and set out to make a fun road course and street car. Performance mods to the V6 Mustang included a JLT Carbon Fiber Intake, a set of BBK Long Tube Headers with a Catted High Flow BBK X-Pipe, Flowmaster Axle-Back and a Blow-By Racing Custom Tune.We also installed a set of 3.73 Ford Racing Rear End Gears.The rest of the modifications we made to the 2011 V6 Mustang were all suspension related at this point.

Next up, we had Scott's 2011 Mustang 5.0L GT with just a few mods including a Ford Racing BOSS Intake Manifold, Steeda Cold Air Intake, StainlessWorks Long Tube Header With Catted Mid-Pipe and StainlessWorks Cat-Back Exhaust System,Blow-By Racing Custom Tuneand most importantly a Nitrous Outlet 150HP Nitrous Kit! This car is also a 3.73 rear end car from the factory and a six speed manual transmission. We also had Blow-By Racing make us a nitrous tune for our dyno testing and simply reloaded the new tune before the nitrous runs.

We began our dyno testing with my 2011 V6 Mustang. Keep in mind we are in Texas and I had to drive my car to the dyno, so there was a little heat soak going on before we backed her on the dyno. It was about a 45 minute drive in temps of 100 degrees and as you can see from the dyno sheet, the temp inside the shop was a right at 101 degrees for the most part, not really ideal conditions by any means. The car ended up dynoing a max horsepower of 278.29 and a 260.11 torque reading on the second run. Honestly we were hoping for over 300HP but with things taken into consideration the numbers aren't just horrible. First off, a normal drive train loss is around 15 percent on any car. This would put our base line estimate at about 260HP. Adding the tune, CAI and the headers added roughly 18HP overall. Not the most impressive gains, but we also have the weather conditions playing a huge role in the overall performance of the car.


Second on the dyno was Scott's 2011 5.0L. We did do a couple of base runs with his car to get some good numbers before we opened the bottle up. Best run on Scott's car without nitrous was 415.73HP also running in an even hotter shop than our V6 Mustang at a blistering 103 degrees. After our baseline test we turned the Nitrous Outlet nitrous kit on and hit the switch.....WOW! Not only did the car make this run in a 107 degree temp, it put down an amazing 553.47HP and 576.99 TQ on a 150HP nitrous shot and didn't miss a beat. Running strong and looking good the car performed just how we had hoped hitting our goal of 550Hp of usable horsepower. Talk about a serious street machine!


Here is a short video of our best dyno runs at Sunshine Performance in Killeen, Texas. We did have a small technical error on the V6 runs leaving out some sound but either way, you get the idea. All in all, we called it a successful day and loaded up for the ride home. Scott's car making awesome numbers and Project Six Appeal putting down some good numbers but suffering from the heat a little, we gained the knowledge we needed to move forward and continue making more power out of the new motor line up from the Ford Mustang.

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2011 MUSTANG DYNO: 3.7L V6 & 5.0L GT

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Published on 2013-11-14
Got some great numbers while testing our Project Six Appeal 2011 3.7L Mustang V6, and Scott's 2011 5.0L GT Mustang on the local dyno!