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Ford Will Release 2014.5 Mustang Limited Anniversary Edition

Last Updated 8/24/2020 by Jeff Jimenez

Latest 2015 Mustang Rumor: Ford to release a limited special edition 2014.5 Mustang to mark the 50th anniversary.

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2014.5 Mustang: Ford Will Release Limited Anniversary Edition - 2014.5 Mustang

With the Mustang 50th Anniversary right around the corner, it is no surprise to see the internet buzzing about a special edition 2014 ½ Mustang being released. There aren’t many automobiles, let alone companies, that can say they have been around for 50 consecutive years. This is a major milestone for the super star Pony Car and for Ford Motor Company. So what better way to celebrate this occasion than a limited run of 1,000 2014.5 Stangs.

If you are questioning why do a 2014 ½ Mustang, then you my friend need to go back to studying your history. Ford originally launched the Pony car as a 1964 ½ model. It was released to public and the rest was history. Many still consider the original release to the public one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever. The special edition 2014.5 Stang has not been officially confirmed by Ford just yet and neither have official production pictures and specs.

Despite not having official information, the internet is still on fire with 2015 Mustang rumors and news being released weekly. I think it is safe to say the automotive community has been sitting on the edge of its seat for some time now. We are quick to post and discuss every 2015 Mustang rendering, prototype spy shot and video. Living in the social media age has made it easy for pictures, news and gossip to spread like wildfire.

Hopefully, FoMoCo will put all the rumors to bed and release some official information on their new S550 Mustang very soon. Until then, we will just have to sit around and discuss the gossip such as EcoBoost engines, IRS, and 2014.5 special editions. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know if you think there should be a special 50th Anniversary 2014 ½ Pony Car.

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Ford Will Release 2014.5 Mustang Limited Anniversary Edition Tech Info

2014.5 Mustang: Ford Will Release Limited Anniversary Edition - 2014.5 Mustang