2015-17 Mustang Airaid Cold Air Intakes

Late Model Restoration is your #1 source for all 2015-17 Mustang Airaid cold air intake systems! These 2015-17 Mustang CAI kits from Airaid will provide an increase and horsepower & torque without having to tune the computer! Simply bolt it on and feel the power! S550 Airaid CAI kits will boost the fuel mileage of your new Mustang as well. By allowing the engine to run efficiently, this uses less fuel for the increased MPG's. We have a variety of different 2015-17 Mustang Airaid cold air kits for GT, Ecoboost and V6 engines and your choice of different color filters. Airaid cold air intakes don't require a tune, but you can pair yours with a custom tune for even greater performance! We have 2015-17 Mustang Airaid tuner packages set up for an easy buying experience and to save & bundle! S550 Airaid intakes utilize a re-usable air filter for a long lasting CAI kit. Simply wash the filter, let it dry and install it back in your 2015-17 Mustang! Look no further than Late Model Restoration for all of your S550 Airaid CAI kits!

These Mustang Airaid CAI kits fit: 2015 Mustang GT, V6 and Ecoboost

2015 Mustang GT Airaid Cold Air Intake Kits

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2015 Mustang Ecoboost Airaid Cold Air Intake Kits

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2015 Mustang V6 Airaid Cold Air Intake Kits

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