2015-2023 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide

Check out all of the latest 2015-2023 Mustang lowering spring options available to drop your S550!

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2015-2022 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide - 2015-2022 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide

One of the most popular mods that every S550 Mustang owner is looking for is a good set of performance lowering springs. With so many options available, it can be difficult finding the perfect drop for your Mustang GT, Mustang Ecoboost, Bullitt, or V6 (Coupe & Convertible kits available). As the S550 Mustang experts, we are here at LMR, we have broken down each 2015 to present S550 Mustang's best-lowering spring kit we offer and give you all of the details you want to know.

All specs are taken from the manufacturer's site. Actual ride height differences will vary from car to car, and springs will settle after a few weeks of driving.

S550 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide
NameFitmentFront DropRear Drop
Eibach Sportline15-23 GT or Bullitt | Coupe & Convertible1.5"1.3"
Eibach Sportline15-23 V6/Ecoboost | Coupe & Convertible1.5"1.3"
Eibach Pro Kit15-23 GT or Bullitt | Coupe & Convertible1.1"2.0"
Eibach Pro Kit15-23 V6/Ecoboost | Coupe & Convertible1.1"1.0"
Eibach Pro Kit18-23 GT or Bullitt W/ MagneRide Dampeners1.3"0.8"
Eibach Pro Kit15-20 GT350 W/O MagneRide Dampeners0.9"0.7"
Ford Performance15-23 EcoBoost, Bullitt, & GT1.0"1.0"
Ford Performance15-20 GT350/GT350R 18-2020| 18-23 GT & Bullitt w/ MagneRide Suspension0.8"0.8"
BMR Lowering Springs15-23 GT & Bullitt1.2"0.5"
BMR Drag Springs15-23 GT & Bullitt1.0"1.5"
BMR Lowering Springs W/ MagneRide18-23 GT & Bullitt w/ MagneRide Suspension0.75"0.75"
BMR Lowering Springs W/ MagneRide15-23 GT350/R0.3"0.5"
Steeda Progressive Rate15-23 GT, Bullitt, & V6 (Fits Convertibles when Steeda spacers 555-8251 are utilized)1.125"1.0"




2015-22 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide - 2015-22 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide

Coming in at number one is the Eibach Lowering Springs. The great benefit of choosing Eibach is that they offer a wide variety of options. When deciding between the type of engine/spec Mustang, you’ll be able to choose between the Eibach Sportline and Eibach Pro-Kit. These two different kits let you decide how low you'd like to go! On top of that, Eibach offers two additional kits for the Ford spec models with MagneRide! These springs will work with the Mustang GT, Bullitt, and GT350.

Part NumberFitmentFront DropRear Drop
EIB-41013515-23 GT or Bullitt | Coupe & Convertible1.5"1.3"
EIB-41473515-23 V6/Ecoboost | Coupe & Convertible1.5"1.3"
EIB-3514514015-23 GT or Bullitt | Coupe & Convertible1.1"2.0"
EIB-3514714015-23 V6/Ecoboost | Coupe & Convertible1.1"1.0"
EIB-10350218-23 GT or Bullitt W/ MagneRide Dampeners1.2"0.8"
EIB-1035029062215-20 Shelby GT350 with MagneRide Dampeners0.9"0.7"

Benefits & Features
Eibach QualityVarious Rate Springs
Less Wheel GapBlack and Red Finishes
Improved HandlingPrecision Engineered


Eibach makes the most nuanced performance suspension products in the world for your Mustang or Ford Lightning. When other suspension components sag, wear out or create sloppy handling or a bone-crushing ride, top street tuners—like top race teams, from F1 to WRC, from Le Mans to NASCAR—inevitably turn to Eibach. Eibach integrates the same technology in their street springs as in their legendary race springs. Eibach uses the world´s finest Hi-Ten spring steel, produced to exceedingly precise tolerances. Eibach uses world-renowned German CNC coilers, as well as many unique machines engineered and built specifically by Eibach—simply state-of-the-art technology in every step of the manufacturing process.


2015-22 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide - 2015-22 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide

At number two is the one and only Ford Performance. With the Ford Performance quality, Ford Performance gives your S550 the most when lowering your car. These springs lower your EcoBoost, 5.0, GT350, or Bullitt to get rid of that awful fender gap and increase the handling. As one of the most popular brands in Ford Motorsports, Ford Performance offers some of the best-lowering springs available for your S550 Mustang.

Part NumberFitmentFront DropRear Drop
M5300XA2015-2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost, Bullitt, & GT1.0"1.0"
M5300W2015-2020 Shelby GT350 and GT350R0.8"0.8"
 2018-2023 Mustang GT & Bullitt w/ MagneRide Suspension0.8"0.8"

Improved HandlingComes In A Blue Finish
Benefits & Features
Lowered StanceFord Performance Quality
Better CorneringProgressive Rate


Being the high-performance division of the Ford Motor Company, Ford Performance specializes in aftermarket parts for many models, including the Mustang. Ford Performance Mustang parts are designed, engineered, and developed to Ford OE standards' most rigorous. This has given them the right to wear the historic Ford oval.


2015-22 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide - 2015-22 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide

Next on the list for number three is the BMR Lowering Springs! BMR offers three different lowering springs options: your general lowering springs, Drag Race, and MagneRide. With options to choose from with various spring rates and ride heights, you can’t go wrong with BMR! And while you’re at it, check out and order yourself a BMR sway bar! This will benefit your S550 dramatically and will reduce body roll, which helps you take corners better and more efficiently!


Part NumberFitmentFront DropRear Drop
BMR-SP08015-23 Ford Mustang GT & Bullitt1.2"0.5"
BMR-SP08615-23 Ford Mustang GT & Bullitt1.0"1.5
BMR-SPH76518-23 Ford Mustang GT & Bullitt w/ MagneRide Suspension0.75"0.75"
 15-20 Ford Mustang GT350/R0.30"0.50"

Increased HandlingBMR Red finish
Benefits & Features
Specific Spring RateMade In The USA
Firmer RideLifetime Spring Sag Warranty


When it comes to high-quality Mustang suspension parts, look no further than BMR suspension. BMR Mustang suspension parts allow you to upgrade your factory suspension to race-ready components. BMR's parts will enable you to solve common problems experienced when driving or racing your Mustang. These include wheel hop, body roll, deflection, and worn-out bushings. With a full line of control arms, pan hard bars, shock tower braces, k-members, anti-roll bar kits, and driveshaft safety loops, you can have your Mustang handling better than ever. Powdercoated in an iconic red or finished off in a hammertone finish, you can add a custom look to your Mustang suspension.


2015-22 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide - 2015-22 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide

Finally, at number four is Steeda’s Lowering Springs! These progressive lowering springs increase in rate as the body rolls to prevent excessive body roll that the factory springs produce. Steeda engineers their springs in-house using advanced proprietary CAD data and exclusive 3D modeling to create a suspension system that is second to none. This kit will work on both coupe and convertible Mustangs.


Part NumberFitmentFront DropRear Drop
BMR-SP08015-23 GT, Bullitt, & V61.125"1.0"
ST-555821015-23 Ford Mustang GT & Bullitt (Fits Convertibles when Steeda spacers 555-8251 are utilized)1.0"1.5

Great Ride QualityLowers 1.125" Front/1"Rear
Benefits & Features
Improved HandlingProgressive Rate
Lowered StanceFits 5.0L & V6


Getting their start in 1988 by Dario Orlando, he chose to use his extensive background in engineering and racecar development to elevate Ford vehicles to a whole new level of incomparable performance. With over 25 years under their belt, Steeda’s extensive research and development have produced top-notch, high-quality parts that get your Mustang performing, handling, and looking better.


We at LMR hope this S550 Mustang Lowering Spring buying guide has helped you decide which brand best suits your needs by letting you weigh the benefits and features. Also, keep in mind that all of the brands in this list are top manufacturers in the industry, so you can’t go wrong with your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Lower My S550 Mustang?

Lowering your S550 doesn’t take a specialist. Yes, it will take some time, but even a new S550 owner with some knowledge can get the job done! Here’s a list of parts that you’ll need (excluding the lowering springs that you just purchased):

  • Jack and Jack Stands (Lift accessibility if possible)
  • 18mm Socket (Deep & shallow)
  • Rachet
  • 17mm & 21mm Open Ended Wrench
  • Spring Compressor
  • Door Panel Removal Tool
  • Hammer

If you’re ready to start the installation, check out our step-by-step video and article installation guide!

Are Lowering Springs Worth It On An S550 Ford Mustang?

100% yes, they are! This is one of the best low-budget and high-performance mods you can do when getting started on your build. Not only will your S550 look better, but the grip and suspension response you’ll receive will benefit you when driving! Nobody likes wheel gap, so take the opportunity to make the change and make your S550 a beast today!

Will Lowering Springs Affect Ride Quality?

In a sense, yes, your ride quality will be affected. When you retain your OEM struts and lower your ride, your car will be more rigid and less smooth, and you’ll sense most bumps. However, the tradeoff is a more aggressive stance and a better grip.

These Mustang lowering springs fit Ford Mustang GT, V6, Shelby GT500, Bullitt, etc.

2015-2023 Mustang Lowering Springs

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