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2015-23 Mustang SVE Lowering Springs

Are you wanting to give your S550 a more aggressive stance? Check out our 2015-23 Mustang SVE lowering springs!

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SVE Lowering Springs

The SVE 2015-2023 Mustang Lowering Springs are a great addition to any S550! By installing these springs, you give your Stang an aggressive new stance and better handling without sacrificing ride quality. These S550 Mustang lowering springs lower your car 1.1" in the front and 1.0" in the rear, which is perfect for daily driving! Add a set of wheels and tires to your order to give your S550 a completely different look! S550 Mustang SVE Lowering Springs - 2015 Mustang SVE Lowering Springs

Stock Ride Height

When we picked up our S550 Mustang, we wasted no time throwing parts on it. While the stock ride height seemed lower than previous years models, it was still a bit to high for us. The drive-ability and handling characteristics were spot on and the Independent Rear Suspension made it feel like it hugged the road. For a factory car, we were quite impressed with the way it performed, but you know us, it just wasn't enough. S550 Mustang SVE Lowering Springs - 2015 Mustang SVE Lowering Springs

Lowered On SVE Springs

Seeing that the S550 had a little room to move on ride height, we decided to install a set of SVE lowering springs to bring it down a bit. The installation was pretty easy even with the IRS setup in the rear. It ended up dropping our car 1.1" in the front and 1.0" in the rear when they got some road time and settled. Driving the car after the installation, you can tell it's performing better. We took it down straightaways and through winding roads and noticed less body roll and increased steering response. These SVE springs are a great way to get better handling, looks, and overall performance from your S550 Mustang! 2015 Mustang SVE Lowering Springs - 2015 Mustang SVE Lowering Springs

2015-23 Mustang Lowering Springs

2015-23 Mustang Lowering Spring Installation

Our Guard Green Mustang GT did not stay stock for long! We added a set of Eibach Pro-Kit springs to this S550 and it made a great difference in handling, ride height, and overall performance. Follow along as we walk you through how to install lowering springs in your S550 Mustang.

About the Video

Mustang SVE Lowering Springs (2015-2023 EcoBoost, V6, GT)

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Published on 2015-01-05
Increase handling and styling in your 2015-2023 Mustang with a set of our SVE progressive rate lowering springs! You've probably noticed that from the factory, your S550 Mustang sits a little bit higher in the front compared to the rear. This is one of the first things that had to be fixed. We've developed an easy solution that will lower your Mustang for greater styling while also increasing the handling. Lowering the center of gravity it reduces the squat during acceleration, body roll while cornering, and excessive nose-dive during hard braking. This kit will suit your needs whether you're driving on the street or on the track.

This Mustang SVE lowering spring kit will lower your S550 by 1.1" in the front and 1.0" in the rear. This will close that wheel gap while also providing a level stance for your Mustang. The progressive rate in these springs will provide an excellent ride quality similar to stock.

Application: 2015-2023 Mustang GT, V6, and Ecoboost. Coupe & Convertible
[MUSIC PLAYING] What's going on, guys? Landan with Today, we're going to be checking out SVE's lowering springs for all 2015 Mustangs. We went ahead and measured the factory springs from the ground to the top of the fender. And the results were 28 inches in the front and 28 and 1/2 inches in the rear.

The SVE springs will rid that ugly factory wheel gap, and lower your 2015 Mustang approximately one inch in the front and 1/2 inch in the rear. These lowering springs feature a progressive rate for a firmer ride and will fit all 2015 EcoBoost, V6, and 5.0 Mustangs. The kit will also include new bump stops and front dust booms. If you need help installing the SVE lowering springs, go ahead and click the link below to watch our install video of the Eibach Pro-Kit.

After we installed the SVE lowering springs, we remeasured from the ground to the top of the fender and the 27 and 1/2 inches in the front and 28 inches in the rear. Those results are good for an inch drop up front and a 1/2 inch out back. For everything 2015 Mustang, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And of course pick up your SVE lowering springs from