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2015 S550 Mustang Prototype Spy Video

Last Updated 8/24/2020 by Jeff Jimenez

Hear & see the 2015 Mustang GT (S550) in all its glory. Sounds AMAZING! This is a must watch video.

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We have yet another 2015 Mustang video out on the internet! I think it is safe to say the S550 Mustang might have just as many paparazzi as a big time actress. Now if we can just get some spy shots of this Stang without all the camouflage and covers. I'd even settle for a hood open or better interior photo!

It definitely looks like the 2015 prototype is getting some heavy testing as more and more videos are showing up. Be sure to check out more of our S550 Mustang coverage below and read up on some of the rumors such as IRS and Ecoboost. Don't forget to also check out the renderings and other spy shots while you are looking through all the news and rumors.

2015 S550 Mustang Prototype Spy Video - 2015 mustang exhaust videos

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About the Video

2015 S550 Mustang Prototype Spy Video

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Published on 2013-06-26
2015 Mustang GT S550 Video

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