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2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Project

Created by Tyler Rodriquez
Last Updated 12/2/2016

With a supercharged 2015 Mustang already under our belt, it was time to make more power. We decided what better way to do that than with a twin turbo 2015 Mustang GT!

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Twin Turbo 2015 Mustang GT

Being true Mustang enthusiasts here at Late Model Restoration, we were more than ready to tear into our 2015 Mustang project cars. Since we had already finished up our Supercharged 2015 Mustang, we decided to take a different route on our triple yellow S550. Thanks to Hellion Power Systems, we are turning this mild bolt on 5.0 to a high horsepower twin turbo 2015 Mustang GT! This first round of mods to our Triple Yellow Project Car included a JLT cold air intake kit, a Bassani mid muffler catback exhaust kit, Eibach pro kit lowering springs, DF5 5 spoke wheels, a Roush hood scoop, and redline tuning hood struts. All of these parts were great first mods to get our S550 grabbing attention, but we wanted more. With the addition of the Hellion 2015 Mustang turbo kit, we ditched the cold air and swapped out the exhaust for a Bassani 3" catback for better exhaust flow.

2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Project  - 2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Project

Hellion's 2015 Mustang Twin Turbo Kit

This Hellion twin turbo kit for the 2015 Mustang was a great fit on our S550 with only minor modifications necessary. The kit we opted for included twin 55mm turbos, a Precision Turbo PW46 wastegate, a Hellion BOV, a large vertical flow dual inlet intercooler, and all of the needed tubing and hardware. One of my favorite parts of this whole kit is that there is no cutting of the body when installing this kit. All of the parts were made with quality and functionality in mind and it really shows when installing this kit. We opted for ID1000s and an E-Boost 2 boost controller to get the most from this turbo kit. We will have more updates once we finish buttoning this bay boy rip and get it strapped down onto the dyno!

2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Project  - 2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Project


Installation of this 2015 Mustang Hellion Turbo kit was pretty straight-forward. When we unboxed all of the parts, we could tell that this kit was made from high quality parts and designed to fit perfectly on the S550 chassis. With all of the parts we needed being included, we were able to quickly install this kit and do a little custom oil line work to satisfy our meticulous taste. The twin 55mm turbos fit nicely in the engine bay to give our underhood a great new look. Lastly, we added a 3" Bassani exhaust to really let this kit open up and make the power it needed to! Overall we were thoroughly impressed by the quality and ease of install with this kit.

2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Project  - 2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Project

2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Project  - 2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo Project

Power Numbers

Once we got the car put back together we were ready to put our turbo 2015 Mustang on the dyno! Running on pump gas and on 10psi we were able to make 711 horsepower and 625 ft/lbs of torque with a conservative tune. This custom tune was chosen for daily driving and reliability in mind. Yes, we could have turned it up and made plenty more, but for what we were looking for with this project, this amount of power will be perfect for everyday driving!

About the Video

Late Model Restoration's Twin Turbo 2015 Mustang GT!

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Published on 2015-05-21
The time has finally come, we have finished our twin turbo install on our 2015 Triple Yellow Mustang GT! Thanks to Hellion Power Systems and their awesome kit, we only had to make a few, optional changes. Turning the boost are two Precision Turbo 55mm turbos! The hardware responsible for managing the hectic air is Precision Turbo Wastegates and Turbosmart Blow Off Valves. The exhaust exits to a monstrous 3" Bassani Catback system to make this thing sound as mean as it looks!

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-Baseline Dyno- 375HP/358TQ

• 93 Octane
• 3.73 Gears
• MT82 Transmission (6 Speed Manual)
• 19" wheels/tires
• Pull was made in 5th gear (1:1)

-After Dyno- 711HP/625TQ +336HP/+267TQ

• Hellion Power Systems Twin Turbo Kit
• Precision Turbo 55mm Turbos
• Precision Turbo Wastegates
• Turbosmart Blow Off Valves
• ID 1000 Fuel Injectors
• JMS Fuelmax Boost-a-Pump
• Bassani 3" Exhaust Kit
• Custom Tune
• 93 Octane
• 3.73 Gears
• MT82 Transmission (6 Speed Manual)
• 20" wheels/tires
• Pull was made in 5th gear (1:1)

Mustang Fitment: 2015 (15) GT (5.0L)
Hey what's going guys, Landan here with Late Model Restoration. Since we've kept everyone anxiously awaiting the results and outcome of our twin turbo Triple Yellow GT. I'm here to tell you, it's finally finished!

Before we get into the good stuff, I'll first give you guys a quick rundown on what actually came in the kit. Also, the parts we added to help us achieve the results we were after. We went ahead and opted for twin 55mm turbos which are manufactured by Precision Turbo. Because we wanted to build boost as quick as possible.

Precision Turbo Wastegates and Turbosmart Blow Off Valves were also included, as well as a new fan and fan shroud. All attaching clamps, assorted vacuum lines and heat wrap is included with the kit. To help us finish up the install, we went with ID1000 fuel injectors and a JMS Fuelmax Boost-a-Pump to get the needed fuel when we turned this thing up. Exiting the down pipes is a monstrous three inch Bassani exhaust kit to make this thing sound nasty!

A few alterations were made to basically satisfy our meticulous nature here at Late Model Restoration. Such as re-routing of an oil supply line, custom oil cooler lines, and some modifications needed for the crash avoidance sensor. Other than those few minor things, this kit went together extremely well.

This was a tuner kit, so no tuning support is included. With that being said, it is highly recommended that any of you guys installing this yourself; be sure and take to a reputable shop to your car tuned. We did make several short pulls on our dyno to carefully and safely dial in the tune for this car. Once we thought we were good to go and everything looked good; we turned her up and made a good solid pull.

Well fellas, she made 711 horse power and 625 pound feet of torque. That was on ten and a half pounds of boost and safe, reliable tune on pump gas. Of course, these are SAE corrected numbers and the pull was made in fifth gear which gave us a one to one ratio.

To summarize this build guys, we had one simple concept in mind; a safe reliable street car anyone can hop into and enjoy without any issues what-so-ever! Well guys this isn't the last you're going to see of this twin turbo Triple Yellow GT. It will be back for more, I promise! So you'll definitely want to keep tabs on all of our social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Which all of those links can be found in the video description. Don't forget guys, for the best seventy-nine to present Mustang content out there, you have to subscribe to our youTube channel. Until then, keep it right here at Late Model Restoration!