2019 Mustang California Special Horsepower, Specs, & Features

Get the inside scoop on the new 2019 Mustang California Special including specs, features, horsepower, and more!

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What Is A California Special Mustang?

Taking yet another cue from the classic era, Ford engineers brought back the famous California Special edition Mustang in 2007. Spanning from 2007-2019, the California Special was a package available when ordering your Mustang that retailed for a couple of thousand dollars. GT/CS packages usually include unique exterior parts such as GT/CS bumpers, grilles, decals, as well as specifically colored seats and floor mats. Each body style change brought new changes and specific upgrades.

2019 California Special Features

The new 2019 C/S Mustang featured alot of styling from previous years while adding a modern twist. The main differences from a standard 2019 Mustang GT are:

  • Blacked Out Grille
  • Fading California Special Side Stripes
  • California Special 5 Spoke Wheels
  • California Special Trunk Badge
  • Performance Pack Splitter
  • Miko Suede

2019 California Special Horsepower & Performance

The new 2019 Mustang California Special will boast an impressive 460 horsepower in it's manual transmission GT version. The automatic California Specials will have an auto-rev feature for the more performance minded drivers. Ecoboost California Specials will include active exhaust.