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Mustang Cobra Style Anti-Moan Brackets - SVE Product Highlight

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 5/17/2021

In this breakdown, LMR covers all you need to know about their SVE Cobra-style anti-moan braces for 1979-04 Mustang year models.

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Mustang Cobra Style Anti-Moan Brackets (79-04) | SVE Product Highlight - Mustang Cobra Style Anti-Moan Brackets (79-04) | SVE Product Highlight

Benefits & Features

So The anti-moan brace was first seen on the 1993 Cobra R and after that, the same concept was used on other Mustangs with rear disc brake setups. Its job is to triangulate the caliper mounting bracket to get rid of caliper vibration and, hence, that irritating moaning noise whenever the brakes are applied which is why they’re referred to as anti-moan braces. SVE’s anti-moan braces feature heavy-duty stamped steel brackets that incorporate the proper bolt hole spacing so it properly aligns with the caliper bracket and the seams around the clamshell section of the bracket has been fully welded for added strength. The brackets are finished in a black e-coat to resist corrosion. Along with the bracket will be heavy-duty, zinc-coated u-bolts, and serrated locking nuts. These are side specific and the way you verify which brace goes on the correct side of the axle is to locate the notch near the bolt holes in the bracket. This notch will face down.

Mustang Cobra Style Anti-Moan Brackets (79-04) | SVE Product Highlight - Mustang Cobra Style Anti-Moan Brackets (79-04) | SVE Product Highlight


As far as fitment is concerned, these Cobra-style anti-moan braces are designed to fit solid-axle equipped 1979 to 2004 Mustangs that have been converted to rear disc brakes while utilizing Cobra-style rear rotors. This rotor measures 11.65-inches in diameter. It will not fit any other rear disc brake setup or configuration. During the r&d phase of these braces, LMR made it to where these will work with both Fox-length axles and SN-95 axles in conjunction with the 11.65-inch Cobra-style rear rotor.

The only small fitment note for these braces is that depending on the location of the rear brake hoses on the axle, you may have to slightly relocate this so that the fittings clear the welded seam.

In the box you will get the following:
  • driver side and passenger side anti-moan brace
  • u-bolts
  • retaining hardware (the retaining nuts will have a torque spec of 25 lb-ft.)

Wrapping things up, these have been a long time coming. LMR is very excited to have these on our site and we’re confident that you’ll appreciate the availability of our SVE Cobra-style anti-moan braces.

SVE Mustang Cobra Style Anti-Moan Brackets | 79-04

About the Video

SVE Mustang Cobra Style Anti-Moan Braces - Review (79-04)

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Published on 2020-11-03
Purchase SVE Anti-Moan Braces: https://latemodelres.to/LRS-2366K

Installing Cobra rear brakes is a very popular upgrade for Fox Body, SN95, and New Edge Mustangs. Whether you're eliminating drum brakes, or getting rid of the small GT brakes, the bigger Cobra brakes are an upgrade for the better. A commonly missed part of performing this swap is the anti-moan brackets. Without these braces, the calipers vibrate when the brakes are applied which produces a very audible moaning noise. By triangulating the caliper mounting bracket, the anti-moan brace helps absorb this vibration which eliminates the moan. This concept was first used on the 1994 Cobra, and then used on other Mustangs with rear disc brakes going forward.

SVE Quality
Quality, durability, and factory-style fitment go into every product designed and manufactured by SVE, and these braces are no exception. Featuring a stamped steel construction, these braces are heavy-duty and built to last. Each bolt hole is carefully located to accurately line up with the holes in Cobra caliper mounting brackets. The clamshell section has been fully seam-welded to provide added strength compared to factory moan braces. Zinc-coated U-bolts and serrated locking nuts are used along with a black, E-coat finish to resist corrosion for years to come.

Installation Note
The torque spec for each nut is 25 lb-ft.

Fits 1979-2004 Mustang w/ Solid Axle & Cobra Rear Brakes

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