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79-93 Mustang Pony Wheels: Silver/Chrome

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 10/12/2020

Add some classic Fox Body styling with our Mustang Pony Wheels. Available in chrome and silver!

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Good looking 4-lug wheel is almost an oxymoron, especially on a Fox Mustang. Luckily, Ford did grace us with one winner - the Pony Wheel. Making its introduction in 1991 and hanging around to 1993, the Pony Wheel became the "desirable" wheel for Fox Mustang owners. To this day, the Pony Wheel is still the staple 4-lug wheel for the 1979-1993 Mustang.

Because of the consistent demand for The 1991-1993 Mustang Pony Style Wheel, we knew we had to have them in our lineup of Mustang Restoration Parts! The 50Resto Brand Mustang Pony Wheel is available in a few different options. Finish options are clearcoat Silver Paint or Chrome. They are available individually or in a mounted and balanced wheel and tire kit with 225/55/16 tires. Whichever you choose, the 50Resto Mustang Pony Wheels feature the following specifications:

Silver or Chrome
+22 mm
Bolt Circle

Each 50Resto Mustang Pony Wheel comes with the correct Ford Licensed running pony/tribar center cap. These Pony Wheels will bolt up to any 4-lug 1979-1993 Mustang (except 1993 Cobra) without modification. If you have no desire to go with a 5-lug Conversion, but want a good looking wheel, look no further than 50Resto Pony Wheels! Grab yours today!

About the Video

79-93 Mustang Pony Wheels - 5.0Resto 16x7 Silver and Chrome

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Published on 2013-04-01
5.0Resto 1979-93 Fox Body Mustang Pony Wheels

Mustang 4 lug Pony Wheels were featured on the 1991-1993 5.0L Mustangs. These 16x7" Pony Wheels became the iconic wheel for the Fox Body Mustang. They are available in both chrome and silver finishes. Best of all they feature Ford licensed pony center caps with the running pony emblem. No fake replica reproduction Mustang center caps here!

LatemodelRestoration.com is proud to offer Chrome Pony Wheels and Silver Pony Wheels in wheel and tire kits or individually. We are your one stop solution for Mustang rims. It doesn't matter if you are looking for 4 lug or 5 lug wheels for your Foxbody Mustang -- Latemodel Restoration has you covered with all the most popular Mustang wheels that include SVE Drift Wheels, SVE Cobra 10th Anniversary Wheels, Mustang Bullitt wheels, FR500 wheels and more. More Mustang Wheels and Tire Kits!

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0:00:00 - 0:00:05
A staple wheel for the 79-93 Fox Body Mustang with 4 lug are

0:00:05 - 0:00:09
these Mustang Pony Wheels. This 16x7" wheel was offered as a

0:00:09 - 0:00:12
factory option on 91-93 Mustangs with the 5.0L V8

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0:00:13 - 0:00:17
Our 5.0Resto Pony wheels are
available as a set of four mounted up

0:00:17 - 0:00:22
with 225/55/16
tires or as wheels on their own. Either way

0:00:22 - 0:00:27
you're gonna get a Ford licensened Mustang Center cap that has the correct running pony emblem with tri bar

0:00:27 - 0:00:32
Our 5.0Resto Mustang Pony
Wheels are available in silver and in chrome

0:00:32 - 0:00:3
as always mounting and balancing is free with any of our Mustang wheel and tire kits. They come filled

0:00:36 - 0:00:40
with compressed air or you can upgrade
or optional nitrogen fill. While you're on

0:00:40 - 0:00:44
LatemodelRestoration.com picking up
your new set of Mustang wheels, don't forget the

0:00:44 - 0:00:49
lug nuts to mount them up. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Mustang videos !!