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AutoMeter Phantom Gauges

AutoMeter's Phantom Gauges from LMR.com offer accurate engine monitoring and improved interior styling for your Mustang! Stark white dials, bright orange needles, and subtle black bezels make the Phantom Gauge Series the perfect match for any application. Outfit your Mustang or SVT Lightning with the best instrumentation available - AutoMeter Gauges!

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AutoMeter Gauge Accessories

The Phantom series from AutoMeter is a great way to keep track of your Ford Mustang's vitals. Easy to read faces and great looks plus AutoMeter quality gives you the winning edge.

In Dash Tachs and Speedos, feature high performance movements and are designed with seamless dashboard mount in mind for the ultimate driver information center. Full Sweep Electric Gauges are powered by digitally controlled, rugged stepper motor drives & lab grade solid state sensors for extreme precision and Short Sweep Electric Gauges feature advanced 90 degree air core movements and simple three wire installation. Both utilize electric sending units to keep hazardous fluids in the engine compartment sending collected data via an electrical signal to the gauge.

Mechanical Gauges require no electrical power for operation making them an ideal choice for racing vehicles with no or low powered electrical systems. Bronze bourdon tube 270 degree sweep movements and durable nylon gearing have made these rugged and long lasting gauges a proven high performance favorite.