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Barton Industries Mustang Shifter Installation (11-14 S197)

Posted 11/15/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Reduce shift throws and get rid of that sloppy factory shifter with the Barton Industries Mustang short throw shifter!

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With the new 2012 Mustang Gt 5.0L rolling off the production line, we knew someone up here would have to have one. Our receiving department team leader Darrell just couldn't resist any longer and brought this beautiful black 2012 Mustang GT Premium Package back to the shop for a little work. From Brembo brakes up front, to a backup camera in the rear this Mustang has it all. We couldn't wait to start getting new parts on it.


We started out with this Barton Industries Short Throw Shifter, Barton Industries Billet Shifter Bracket and a Barton Industries Shift Knob and Collar. Barton makes some of the most top quality shifters we have ever had our hands on and wanted to get the entire setup to see just how much difference could be made.


We started off removing the center console top panel. To do this you must first remove your shift knob and pull the shift boot up over the top of the stock shifter to ensure it doesn't catch. Next you will need to open your console and gently lift up on the rear of the top panel the clips will pop out of the lower console. When doing this make sure to unplug your accent lighting, (if equipped), and also your traction control/trunk switch panel from underneath the console top panel. Once this is done simply set the console to the side.


Next you will need to remove the wiring harness for the traction control/ trunk buttons and move them to the side. Remove the black plastic push pin, and remove the insulation from the transmission tunnel area. Now simply pull up on the lower rubber shift boot to access the stock shifter.


Before removing the bolts from the stock shifter, you will need to jack the driver's side of the Mustang up and support it with a jack stand. Slide under the Mustang to access the shifter bracket that is located right above the tail shaft of the transmission. There are two 10MM nuts that hold this bracket on. Remove the 2 nuts and begin to move the shifter bracket down off the studs. There is a retaining clip that holds the bracket on, you may need to get this a slight pry with a trim removal tool or screw driver to easily remove it.


After removing the shifter bracket, hop back up top and unbolt the factory shifter. It is held in by four(4) 10MM bolts. Simply unbolt and set to the side to reuse.


You will need to remove the lower shifter bushing from the stock shifter and then install this part back on to your new Barton Short Throw Shifter. Make sure to lubricate the shifter ball and the bushing before installing your new shifter.


Drop the new Barton shifter into place and bolt it back down with the 4 stock 10MM bolts. Do not over tighten these bolts as it will strip the inside of the factory bolt holes in the transmission.


Now that the shifter is securely installed, you will need to disassemble the Barton Shifter Bracket by removing the 4 hex head screws. Once this is disassembled, you will need to slide the thin back plate onto the tail of the shifter housing, following by the black bushing and then the larger portion of the bracket. The "Barton" on the Bracket should face towards the rear of the Mustang. After you get the bushing pressed into the back of the bracket housing, simply re-install the 4 hex head screws with an allen wrench. This part can be a little tricky, but take your time and everything should bolt together perfectly.


Once you have finished re-assembling the shifter bracket on to the shifter housing, you will need to lift up on the rear of the housing and re-install the two (2) 10MM nuts. After you have tightened the nuts, hop back up top and move the shifter around to ensure there is no binding and that the bracket is flush against the body of the Mustang.

Now you can lower your Mustang back to the ground and reassemble the console pieces. Make sure to install the lower shift boot correctly and plug in all of your harnesses when reinstalling the upper console panel. Slip your stock upper shift boot back down on to the new Barton shifter and reinstall your shift knob.


We choose to use the whiteBarton Shift Knob and Collar on Darrell's Mustang for a little bit of a classic look. This Barton shift knob and collar simply screws down just like the factory knob does and definitely adds a little classic styling to the interior.


Well you are all finished up with your new Barton Short Throw Shifter, Shifter Bracket and Shift Knob/Collar install. Now get out there and rip some gears with one of the most positive and precise shifters on the market for the new 2011-2012 Ford Mustang!

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About the Video

Mustang Shifter Review: Barton Industries (11-14 GT/V6/Boss 302)

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Published on 2013-10-22
The Barton Industries short throw shifter is one of the first performance mods you should consider for your new S197 Mustang. Developed for the new 2011-13 Ford Mustang 5.0L V8 and 3.7L V6 equipped with a MT82 6-Speed Manual Transmission, it greatly reduces your shift throw - a whopping 40% reduction. Due to its dual pivot trunnion design you will have smooth clean shifts not found on the factory shifter.

Finish off your shifter installation with a Barton Shifter bracket to reduce deflection in your transmission. It will help reduce missed shifts and aggressive driving and racing conditions. No more mushy shifter!!!

Barton Shifters are available for the following year model Mustangs: 2005 (05) - 2006 (06) - 2007 (07) - 2008 (08) - 2009 (09) - 2010 (10) - 2011 (11) - 2012 (12) - 2013 (13) - 2014 (14)
If you're looking to drastically improve the shift feel and reduce the shift throw by about 40% on your 2011 to 2014 Mustang GT or V6, you need a Barton shifter. This shifter is constructed of billet aluminum and stainless steel. And retains into factory, reverse lockout, as well as reverse camera sensing options. It retains the stock shifter knob, as well as takes the Barton white shifter knob option.

Another great upgrade is the Barton shifter support bracket and bushing, which will further improve the shift feel on your Mustang. You can grab yours at latemodelrestoration.com.

Barton Industries Mustang Shifter Installation (11-14 S197) Tech Info

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