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Ford Creates Chocolate 2015 Mustang With A 3D Printer | S550

Last Updated 2/5/2020 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch the video has Ford shows how they are using 3D Printers to create 2015 Mustangs made out of plastic, chocolate and sugar.

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3D printing is opening the door to endless possibilities of building items without ever physically touching them. All it takes is a simple computer designed file, a 3D printer and you are in business. Now if those 3D printers were just cheaper I’d have huge collection of useless 3D printed items!

Ford Creates Chocolate 2015 Mustang With A 3D Printer - 2015 Mustang Created With 3D Printer

Ford and 3D systems have teamed up to create miniature 3D printed 2015 Mustangs. They have turned the new S550 Mustang into 3D models constructed out of everything from plastic to chocolate. Watch the following video to get even more information about how they are doing this.

The 3D printed chocolate 2015 Mustang was created with a revolutionary new prototype printer. So my question is this – what else should they make out of chocolate? Who wants to see a 2015 Mustang Ecoboost engine created out of chocolate? I know of plenty Mustang enthusiast friends that would “eat that up” as a gift! (Yeah I know – I’m shaking my own head at that statement!)

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About the Video

2015 Mustang Created With 3D Printer

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Published on 2014-02-20
Ford and 3D Systems create first-ever miniature 3D-printed chocolate, sugar candy and plastic toy all-new 2015 Ford Mustangs. The chocolate 3D printer is an all-new prototype, and the chocolate S550 Mustangs are warmed and finished after for a dark chocolate glow.
We are 3D-printing the new Ford Mustang in chocolate.

We made this 4 and 1/2 inch long Mustang out of plastic. We're also making the Mustangs out of chocolate and candy with one of our suppliers, 3D Systems.

This is just a highlight that Ford uses 3D-printing technologies to develop all of its vehicles.

We're really excited to be partnering with Ford on this. We got a sneak peek at their new Ford Mustang, which was awesome. And it was a challenge to take it from the full CAD version, down to a little 1 inch bite of chocolate. That was fun.

We got the design from the design studio.

This is basically the brand new Mustang, 2015 Mustang, that we're going to replicate.

We're printing this S550 Mustang, the all-new Mustang, out of plastic here. 3D Systems is printing the same Mustang out of chocolate and out of candy.

The printer uses an inkjet printhead to very precisely paint water onto a dry sugar substrate, where the model exists at that cross-section. And then it spreads more sugar-- it paints more water onto the sugar-- and the water re-crystallizes the sugar and allows it to harden.

A 3D solid model comes into the computer. And then the software slices that up like a deck of cards. And it's sent out to this machine.

And then this machine prints it, one layer at the time, on top of each other, and then builds it back up into a 3D model.

This is the finished model. It's got the same detail as the original Mustang in 4 and 1/2 inches in plastic.

We take that whole pile of sugar out, and we basically brush it off like we're archaeologists, and do a little mini-dug. And we blow it with compressed air. And at that point, the model is revealed for the first time.

So that's kind of the magic moment when this thing that you've been staring at at the computer screen for hours and hours becomes a physical reality that you can hold and eat.

This is the first 3D-printed car that you can eat. Historic.