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Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation

Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation

Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation

Created by Taylor Ward
Date Created: 11/25/2014
Last Updated: 4/6/2021

See how to install the super popular Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold on your 5.0L Coyote Engine.

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The Coyote is back!

When Ford first released the Coyote engine in 2011, it sparked a wildfire in the hearts of Mustang owners everywhere. It was like 1985 all over again when Mustangs dominated the streets. Everyone wanted the legendary 5.0L under their hood. They say history always repeats itself and that saying holds true here as well. The new 5.0L Coyote is definitely an amazing performance platform to start with and the automotive aftermarket is definitely doing its part to maximize the performance of this engine.

Leading the way for aftermarket upgrades is none other than Ford Racing Performance Parts. FRPP has been the pinnacle source for all things related to Ford performance. Why would you look anywhere else to begin your quest for more power? The Ford Racing Boss 302 intake was the first intake on the market and it took the spotlight. It improved both horsepower and torque numbers while extending the RPM range well past the 7,000 rpm mark. The only trade off of the Boss 302 intake was losing some low end torque. While the performance gains of the boss intake are impressive FRPP couldn't stop there. The Cobra jet intake manifold was the answer to the low end torque that was lost with the Boss intake. Through extensive testing, FRPP was able to bring back that low end grunt that was lost and also managed to squeak out even more horsepower and torque than the Boss intake made.

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After reading this info, I was hooked. Not only does the Cobra Jet intake look amazing, it gives you everything you want in a performance intake. Increased horsepower, Increased torque, and extended RPM range. It does all this as well as bring the torque curve at a lower RPM level similar to the stock intake. I was in the process of doing a coyote swap on my 1993 Foxbody Coupe. The car is set up for road racing and this intake was just what I was looking for; so it didn't take long for me to pull the trigger on getting one of these for my car.

The FRPP Cobra jet intake is sold under the Part number M-9424-M50CJ. It installs basically the same as the boss 302 intake but will require a few different parts to compete the install. The Cobra jet intake also uses a GT500 style throttle body instead of the factory round version. Ford Racing offers 2 different versions. First is the M-9926-CJ65 Cobra jet twin 65mm Throttle body. This is the most commonly used throttle body in the market today. It offers great power across the board and comes in a beautiful polished aluminum finish. The next step up from that is FRPP’s Oval Super Cobra Jet Throttle body. This Throttle body moves some serious air and is ideal for serious horsepower or other competition type applications. This throttle body features a large oval, “mono-blade” design to eliminate any restrictions there might be, and gets every last ounce of airflow available. I chose to run this set up on my road race car so I could reap the improved power benefits now, yet still be covered down the road when its time to upgrade again. I’ll walk you through the install so you can see how easy it is to unleash more power from your coyote! Mine will be slightly different for the simple fact that I’m using a truck motor that I purchased out of a wrecked truck. I don’t have the strut tower brace and factory covers to deal with but the intake install itself will be the same.

Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation - Fox Body Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation - Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Fox Body

First off you will have to have a custom tune for this set up when you install it on your car. Do not operate the car without the proper calibration being installed! If you are working on a 2011-2014 Mustang you will need to unbolt the hardware holding the strut tower brace on the strut towers. Next you will need to remove the intake cover. This is done by gently pulling up on the cover to unseat the retaining studs on the intake cover from the rubber grommets on the intake. Next, you will unplug the inlet air temp sensor as well as the mass air meter plug. Removing both the PCV Tube & Breather Tube now can prevent it from being in your way later on. Once you have done that, you can loosen the clamps holding the air inlet tube into position and remove it from the car.

Next, you want to unplug the TPS sensor from the throttle body. Once that is out of the way, take the 4 retaining bolts loose from the throttle body and set them aside because you will need to re use them on the new throttle body. Next you will see two nuts on either side of the intake that are holding down the brake booster vacuum tube. Remove these as well as disconnecting the purge valve. Remove the sound insulation from the fuel rails. With those out of the way, you can disconnect the fuel injector plugs and remove the 4 bolts holding the fuel rails in place. Next you can use a 3/8” fuel line disconnect tool to remove the supply line from the fuel rails. NOTE: wrap a shop rag around the fuel line fitting to catch the excess fuel as it will spew out since it is under pressure. Gently pull up on the fuel rails to unseat the fuel injectors from the intake manifold.

Now you can have easy access to the 6 bolts that hold the intake manifold to the cylinder heads. You need to fully loosen all of the bolts. They will not come out of the intake so don’t bother trying to pull them out. Lift gently on the intake so it will unseat from the heads. Slide it forward slightly, and remove the 4 wiring harness retainers located at the rear of the intake.

Now comes the fun part! In the intake box, you will fine 2 vapor line connection fittings. These install into the 2 openings located by the throttle body opening. Use the supplied self-tapping screws to install these into the intake. Re-install the intake onto the heads and tighten the bolts to 89 in-lbs. I put the intake and throttle body on as an assembly but had to spend extra time when trying to install the fuel rails. The fuel rail crossover line kept hitting the bottom of the throttle body and coolant tubes. It is much easier if you just leave the throttle body off until the fuel rails are installed. Once the fuel rails are installed, bolt on the throttle body to the intake.

Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation - cobra jet intake manifold torque sequence Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation - cobra jet manifold torque sequence

Now comes the most involved part of the installation. The Cobra Jet throttle bodies use a different plug than a standard 5.0 car or truck. They come with their own specific jumper harness that replaces the one on the factory harness. Its not a difficult task but you do need to take your time. With the throttle body plug in your hand, gently pry the red retaining lock from the plug with a small screwdriver or pick. This should reveal the 6 female terminals. These terminals are held into place with a plastic tab that is built into the connector. Gently depress the retainer tab while pulling on the wire and the terminal should slip out of the connector housing. Completely remove the wire from the terminal housing and repeat this process for the other 5 wires.

Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation - FRPP Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Install Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation - Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Install Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation - cobra jet intake manifold M-9424-m50cj

Once all 6 wires are loose, grab the new plug for the cobra jet throttle body. Remove the red lock from this housing as well. Make sure you are holding the new terminal housing in the same way that you dismantled the oem housing. Re-install the wires in the new housing using the same sequence as you removed them. Be careful not to force the wires into the new housing,. Once the wire is fully engaged in the housing you will hear a slight “click”. Gently pull on the wire to make sure it is seated fully into the housing. After all 6 wires are installed, re-install the red lock into the terminal housing. Now that the new plug is on, you can plug in all of the terminals on your new throttle body. JLT made a cold air intake specifically for the cobra jet intake manifold. It’s inlet mimics the oval throttle body, which allows it to fit up perfectly with your new intake and throttle body. Once everything is installed, go back and double check all of your connections and plugs to make sure you didn't miss anything in all the excitement of installing this awesome intake. Once you've checked everything over, load your custom tune that is required for the changes made, and go enjoy your new found POWER!

Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation - Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Installation

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