Ford Raptor Airaid Intake Installation (6.2L)

Posted 11/12/2014 by Aaron Westerman

Watch our Ford Raptor Airaid Intake installation video here! Easiest way to add extra horsepower!

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Looking to pick up some extra horsepower for your 6.2L Ford Raptor? Look no further than this Airaid cold air intake! Most cold air intakes are fairly easy to install; the majority at least. This one is even easier than the others! The installation of this SVT Raptor cold air intake will only take you about 30 minutes with simple hand tools!

This Airaid Cold Air Intake not only adds up to 12 horsepower, but also increases throttle response and improves fuel economy. This Airaid Cold Air Intake Kit fits 2010-2014 Ford SVT Raptor 6.2L. It is available in multiple filter color combinations such as red, blue and black! Best of all, this product is made in the USA with the highest quality construction materials. So it looks factory under your hood!


  • Ratchet and Socket
  • Allen Wrench

SVT Raptor Airaid Intake Installation:

  1. Remove factory intake.
  2. Attach Urethane coupling to Intake Tube (starting with the upper coupling).
  3. Install the Intake tube to the heat shield using the 2 supplied allen-head bolts and washers.
  4. Install the Air Filter onto to Heat Shield.
  5. Install the Mass Air Meter onto the intake tube (be sure to use the supplied hardware -- do not reuse the factory hardware).
  6. Take the Air Raid Cold Air Intake Assembly to your Ford Raptor, and install the Heat Shield onto the lower factory Air Box (Be sure to snap all 3 clips onto the heat shield).
  7. Install the Upper Coupling to the Factory Air Box.
  8. Plug in the Mass Air Meter.

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Ford Raptor Airaid Intake Installation (6.2L) Tech Info

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