Ford Raptor BBK Throttle Body Install

Posted 6/16/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch us show you how easy it is to add 10+hpto your Ford Raptor with the BBK 85mm throttle body!

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The 6.2L Ford SVT Raptor is not short on power thanks to its large engine displacement. In its stock form, the engine is heavy restricted by the factory intake system. Simply adding a cold air intake and larger throttle body will net you significant horsepower and torque gains. This extra power comes in handy when spinning those massive tires and getting your heavy Ford Raptor moving faster. Follow along in the video to see how easy it is to replace your stock throttle body with BBK Performance's massive 85mm version!

The Raptor BBK 85mm Throttle Body can be installed in under 30 minutes with simple hand tools. BBK's dyno of this Raptor Performance Part showed an 15 horsepower and 15 ft/lbs of torque. That is a huge plus when you consider this part is 100% bolt-on part and requires no calibration and no custom tuning.

Don't forget to combine this BBK 85mm throttle body with a cold air intake to maximize the performance gains.


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Ford Raptor BBK 85mm Throttle Body Install

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Published on 2014-06-05
BBK Performance has made it easy to add some serious horsepower to your Ford SVT Raptor thanks to their 85mm throttle body. It is designed the fit all 2011-14 6.2L F-150 Raptors. Installation will take you roughly 15 minutes thanks to its 100% bolt on design.

You can expect to gain roughly 15hp and 15 ft lbs of torque plus improved throttle response. The BBK throttle bodies are cast out of aluminum alloy and are CNC machined at BBK's state of the art facilities right here in the USA.

Each BBK Raptor throttle body includes a detailed set of instructions and all drive by wire electronics are pre-installed. That means no calibration or custom tuning is required for installation.

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Adding some extra horsepower to your Ford SVT Raptor is extremely easy, thanks to the guys over at BBK Performance. Today, we'll be taking a closer look at their 85mm throttle body, made specifically for the 6.2 Raptor.

Now, this throttle body does feature a massive 85 millimeter throttle body opening, as well as it comes with all of the needed instructions for the installation. And one of the best features on this throttle body is the fact that it does come with all the drive-by-wire. Electronics already pre-installed. So that means no custom tune and no calibration needed after you install it.

Speaking of installs, let's go ahead and move back here to the truck and get this install started.

Start the installation by removing the factory intake tube. You will need to remove the two driver-side hoses and then pry the passenger-side hose connector off of the airbox. Lastly, you can remove the two front mounted 10 millimeter bolts and lift the intake box off the throttle body.

Next, remove the electrical connector on the throttle body. Now, you can remove the four 10 millimeter bolts on the throttle body. Take your new BBK 85 millimeter throttle body and reverse the removal process. Be sure to not over tighten the bolts.

We found it easier to lubricate the rubber coupler for installation. Now you can reconnect the electrical connector.

Now the last and final step is to reinstall the factory airbox and your intake system.

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Ford Raptor BBK Throttle Body Install Tech Info

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