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Lee’s 1989 Mustang LX Coupe Project

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Date Created: 12/14/2013
Last Updated: 6/8/2022

LatemodelResto employee Lee wanted to build the ultimate Fox Body Mustang Coupe. Watch him do just that with the help whole host of suspension and braking components included the popular SVE 5 Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kit.

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As many of you out there know, owning a Mustang isn't just about having a car to drive back and forth to work, school or to a car show on a Sunday. All of us here usually can't keep our hands out of the parts "cookie jar" we call our warehouse. One of our top sales guys, Lee C., has been daily driving his 1989 Mustang LX coupe for a couple of months now, after selling his Lightning, and is ready to take the ole LX coupe to the next level.


One of the first things you may notice about Lee's Mustang coupe is that it does sit a little lower than stock. It's sporting a set of 1979-04 Mustang Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering  Springs that give the Mustang a slight drop while still retaining stock style ride qualities. While we were in there, we went ahead and installed a 1987-93 Mustang Tokico HP Series Shock and Strut Kit. We finished up the rear suspension with some 1979-98 Mustang UPR Upper and Lower Control Arm Kit and buttoned her all back up. All of these parts are relatively inexpensive and deliver everything we needed. This not only helped the Mustang out on track, but also helps get us more towards our finished product of a street/road race machine.


As you can see the Mustang appears pretty stock right as far as appearance goes. We have added a few resto parts to get the Mustang driving and looking just a little better. The first couple of changes are mild, but they make a difference. Simple changes like a 1987-93 Mustang 6-Piece Headlight Kit,  1979-09 Mustang 8" Black Shorty Antenna or a pair of replacement 1987-93 Mustang Outer Door Belt Molding & Weatherstrip Kit can completely change what a simple LX coupe looks like. We also added a set of New 2011 Mustang 5.0 Fender Emblems and a new 1979-93 Mustang Black Door Handle Kit to put a couple of finishing touches on the outside of the Mustang.


Once we had the junk stock suspension out and cleaned the Mustang up a bit, we moved on to the drivetrain. This included a new 1979-93 Mustang T-5 Z Heavy Duty World Class Transmission, 1986-00 Ram HDX Clutch Kit, 1979-95 Mustang Ford Performance Aluminum Driveshaft and a Mustang PRO50 T-5 Shifter. Most of these upgrades weren't necessary needed, but with the mileage and the years of use on the Mustang we figured better safe than sorry. 


All of this restoration and modification came over the period of about 2 years. Lee has stayed loyal to his Fox Body Mustang and is ready to give it a huge upgrade! Within the next couple of weeks stay tuned to see our transformation of Lee's 1989 Mustang Coupe with a Mustang 5-Lug conversion kit,  New SVE 10th Anniversary Cobra Style Wheels, SVE 13" Cobra Style Brake Kit, and a Mustang rear disc brake conversion. With the new wheels and brakes, along with the suspension mods, this is one Mustang that will be a blast on the road course. Make sure to follow along as we take this normal everyday Mustang and turn it into a great daily driver and competitive road race machine!


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