Mustang Air Inlet Elbows

Mustang air inlet pipes or elbows are all here. These inlet assemblies offer three key features which have made them a very popular bolt-on for use with a wide variety of Mustang air meters. The cast aluminum finish with blue silicone hoses really dress up the engine compartment and is much more attractive than the factory black rubber assembly. Due to the fact that these pipes are cast, the inside diameter is consistent all the way through the pipe from the air meter to the throttle body. By eliminating the flexible ridges in the factory rubber inlet tubes and by controlling the inside diameter for consistency, a modest horsepower gain is achieved.

Mustang Air Inlet Elbows Tech Info

Most typical vehicles will receive approximately 3 rear wheel horsepower but several tests have been reported to show as much as 5 horsepower on some applications. For those who are interested in running nitrous oxide,on our Mustang C&L brands we have cast a special nitrous boss into each inlet pipe to give you a solid location to drill and tap your nozzle into. Due to the fact that these pipes are solid aluminum and are mounted directly to the engine, we do not recommend mounting the mass air flow unit (through a bracket) to the body of the vehicle. When using an aftermarket intake that relocates the throttle body away from the stock position, it may be necessary to make minor modifications for proper fit.