Mustang Clutch Hardware & Accessories

LMR has OEM replacement Clutch Safety Switches just like the ones your Mustang came with from the factory.

When putting in a new Mustang clutch, you'll want to make sure you have all your bases covered to reduce downtime. New Mustang Clutch Pressure Plate Bolts & Dowel Pins are among that list. We have both ARP & stock replacement hardware to fit your needs.
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Mustang Clutch Hardware

Make sure your next Mustang Clutch Installation goes smoothly with one of these Mustang Clutch Disk Alignment Tools! Before you tighten down the Clutch Pressure Plate, simply slide this Alignment Tool into the Clutch Disk Splines & the Pilot Bearing to make sure the Clutch Disk is centered. This makes re-installing the Transmission so much easier! Added as a safety precaution from the factory, these Mustang Clutch Safety Switches are designed to keep the car from being started without the clutch being disengaged. This was such a good idea that Most of the sanctioning race bodies have required them for tech inspection as well. Perfect for swapping in a 5 speed or just replacing a faulty Clutch Safety Switch on your car.