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Project Coyote Swap: Dyno Day

See how much horsepower and torque our 1997 Mustang Cobra Project: Coyote Swap makes on the dyno!

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For me, dyno days are always very stressful. There is a never-ending list of things that could go wrong running through my head. On top of that, what if the car doesn't make the power you'd hoped? No one likes that letdown. All this was running through my head as we made the trip down to Central Texas Performance with Project: Coyote Swap.

Once we arrived and unloaded the car, it was only minutes before the CTP crew had the Mustang strapped down to their dyno. After a quick run to warm the fluids, a baseline pull was made. On the FRPP Control Pack tune and air inlet, she put down 420 horsepower and 408 lb/ft torque. To say we were impressed is an understatement!

We swapped out the air inlet for a JLT cold air kit and Jeff loaded a preliminary custom tune using an SCT 3015 handheld tuner. After a few more pulls and some tweaks to the tune, we had our final numbers. There was much whooping, hollering, and high fives going on once we looked at the screen. 447.4 horsepower and 411.5 lb/ft torque!!!

Right now you are probably raising the BS flag. 2011+ Mustangs don't even come close to those numbers with the same mods. You're right, but we also arent working with a 2011+ Mustang. The entire drivetrain is lighter and therefore easier to turn, reducing parasitic loss. We have a billet flywheel, Tremec 3550 5-speed transmission, FRPP aluminum driveshaft, 28-spline 8.8 rear with 3.55 gears, and a 17" wheel with a 26" tall race tire. Everything is smaller and lighter. The dyno we were on was a Dynocom and all pulls were done in 4th gear (1:1).

I'll leave you to make your own decisions from here. For us, we know the dyno is nothing more than a tuning tool and the real performance test will be on track. Stay tuned as we will be putting Project: Coyote Swap through the ringer on several road courses in the very near future!!

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Project Coyote Swap: Dyno Day

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Published on 2013-06-11
The day is finally here! It is time to strap our Bondurant Cobra down to a dyno and see just how much power the 5.0L Coyote engine is making in it new home. If you have been following out Coyote Swap project then you know it has come a long way. It features BBK Coyote Swap long tube headers, Moroso oil pan, Ford Racing Controls Pack, and plenty of the SVE Coyote Swap parts.

On the final dyno pull, the Bondurant Cobra made 447.4HP and 411.5 ft-lbs with the JLT intake installed and some custom tuning by Jeff at Central Texas Performance using a SCT 3015 handheld tuner.

Big thanks to Central Texas Performance for the dyno time and tuning help!
0:00:08 - 0:00:55
With the coyote swap Bondurant cobra up and running, we had a couple of burning questions that we just had to answer. One how safe was the tune and was it going to be able to handle all the high rpm stresses. Two how much power was she making. So we drove on down the Central Texas Performance to let Jeff work his magic and see just how much we could squeeze out her on the dyno.

0:00:55 - 0:01:48
we got the baseline pull done and we put down 420 hp and 408 ft-lbs not too bad so we have great expectations for the final numbers after we add the JLT intake and let Jeff work his magic. Holy crap needless to say if we are impressed this Mustang put down a phenomenal number after Jeff work his magic with the SCT software loaded up the tune with the SCT 3015.

0:01:48 - 0:02:09
Just to quell any doubters we're running a 3550 5 speed transmission so all pulls were done in forth gear which is one to one direct drive. We are also running 17" wheels with 26" tall tires. 3.55 gears and this race car has a lot less parasitic loss with the accessory drive and the drivetrain.

0:02:09 - 0:02:10
Without any further ado here are the numbers. Check out for all your Coyote swap needs!