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Ford Racing Stinger Axle Back M-5230-5GT

Last Updated 12/8/2016 by Jeff Jimenez

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About the Video

Mustang Axle Back Exhaust: Ford Racing Stinger Mufflers GT/GT500 M-5230-5GT

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Published on 2013-01-31
This Ford Racing Stinger Axleback (M-5230-5GT) kit fits great and sounds like pure muscle. This Mustang stinger axleback features an aggresive tone and great looks with dual polished tips to complete your Mustang GT upgrade.

T-304 stainless construction
Proven increase in horsepower and torque
Louder, "throatier" exhaust note
49 state drive-by noise legal (not legal in CA)

Includes axleback mufflers with Ford Racing embossed 3.5" exhaust tips

Give your Mustang American muscle sound with this Ford Racing axle back muffler exhaust kit.

Vehicle Applications
Ford Mustang GT and GT500 - 2005 (05) - 2006 (06) - 2007 (07) - 2008 (08) - 2009 (09)

In the garage today, we have a 2005 Mustang GT with a completely factory exhaust system. Now the S197 platform featured a great-sounding exhaust from the factory. However, Ford did leave a lot of room for improvement.

That's why we're going to install an aftermarket axle back on this Mustang today. Not only will it improve the looks of this Mustang by getting rid of that boring exhaust tip, but it'll also give us a much more aggressive exhaust tone. So before we install that axle back, let's listen to the factory exhaust for a comparison.


All right. We're here with the Ford Racing Stinger Axle Back Kit. Now, some of the benefits of this axle back include a more aggressive and deeper exhaust tone all while improving your power and your performance. Another thing is, this drops roughly 15 pounds off your exhaust system. And not to mention, gets rid of that factory exhaust tip, replaces it with a 3 and 1/2-inch stainless steel tip. Now let's let you listen to this exhaust.