Mustang Fender Gripper Trunk Mat

Tired of getting home and having your groceries leaking all in your Mustangs trunk area? Latemodel Restoration Supply has a fix for you.

These Mustang Fender Gripper trunk liners feature a non-slip material to keep your stuff from rolling around in your trunk. Completely washable, strong PVC product reinforced with nylon mesh. Impervious to motor oil, coolant, lacquer thinner, brake fluid, etc. Many favorite logos and colors available!

Mustang Fender Gripper Trunk Mat Tech Info

The original FENDER GRIPPER trunk mat is a durable, attractive and useful product that protects your Mustang's trunk floor, and prevents items like toolboxes, first aid kits, groceries, or even Mom's casserole from sliding around. Made from the same miracle non-slip material as the FENDER GRIPPER, this trunk mat is custom cut to fit your Mustang. They also assist with vibration and insulate your Mustang's interior from outside temperatures.