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Mustang Intake Spacers

Mustang intake spacers allow you to raise your 5.0L upper intake from the lower intake creating more runner length. It also separates the upper and lower 5.0L Mustang intake to keep the flowing air cooler which means more power for your pony! As One Of The Most Affordable Bolt-Ons For Today’s Automotive Enthusiasts Phenolic Manifold Spacer Kits Have Proven To Be A Great Way To Increase Performance. These Spacer Kits Increase Power By Dramatically Reducing The Transfer Of Heat From The Lower To Upper Intake Manifold. This In-Turn Produces Lower Inlet Air Temperatures Which Results In Added Horsepower And The Ability To Add More Timing Advance With Less Detonation. Each Intake Manifold Spacer Kit model has been designed & Dyno Tested To Maximize Performance At A Low Cost To The Customer.

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