Mustang Original Ford Tooling Parts

Complete your Mustang project with quality Original Ford Tooling parts from 5.0Resto & Late Model Restoration. These made in The USA products are manufactured from Ford's tooling to ensure you get the best restoration products for your Fox Body Mustang! Want the best quality restoration parts for your Fox Body Mustang? Look no further than the Ford Original Tooling products from LMR! What does it mean when you see “Made from Original Ford Tooling” on Late model Restoration products? This means that an aftermarket company, under the license of Ford Motor Company, is using the original manufacturing tooling to manufacture the restoration parts wearing that title. That means these are the same parts that were installed on the assembly lines and put into Ford Dealership Service Parts Departments. These parts will have the Ford Oval & Ford engineering # still on the part so you can verify the authenticity. Furthermore, all Mustang parts made from the Ford Original Tooling are also proudly made in the USA!

  • Mustang Original Ford Tooling Parts

OE Ford Tooling - Interior

Don’t let a 20+ year old worn interior ruin your Fox Body! Replace those broken and faded interior parts with our Original Ford Tooling Parts. These include A/C trim bezels, scuff plates, speaker grilles and more!!

OE Ford Tooling - Dash

You don’t have to live with that scratched and hard to read instrument gauge lens in your Fox Body Mustang! Pick up one of our Ford original tooling lens or housings to finish off your dash restoration project.

OE Ford Tooling - Center Console

Has the center console on your Fox Body Mustang seen better days? No worries, you can replace those broken or missing console components with quality Original Ford Tooling parts. So whether you need a new top panel, shifter bezel or the all too common ash tray repair kit, you are guaranteed great fit and finish to polish off any interior restoration project!

OE Ford Tooling - Door

Fox Bodies are notorious for having ugly door panels. You don’t have to fall into that category! We carry plenty of Ford original door restoration parts for your Fox. These include speaker grilles, door handle bezels and mirror hole covers.

OE Ford Tooling - Exterior

Restoring your Fox Body Mustang’s exterior with anything but Ford original components can set you up with fitment headaches and the occasional Mustang Enthusiast cold stares. Don’t be that guy! Drop those aftermarket replacement parts and finish off your exterior with Original Ford Tooling Components for your exterior!! These include cowl vent grilles, body molding and weatherstripping.

OE Ford Tooling - Lighting

Replace those dingy and ugly lights on your Fox Body Mustang! Sure you can go with some aftermarket replacement lens and lights, but nothing says “Restoration Project” like a quality set of Ford Original Tooling lights! We carry a vast selection of hard to find tail lights, side markers and more!!

OE Ford Tooling - Bumpers

Save yourself the headache of an aftermarket bumper and stop worrying about finding a replacement front or rear bumper cover that will fit! Pick up one of our original Ford Tooling bumper covers to ensure great fit and OE looks!

OE Ford Tooling - Engine

When it comes to Original Ford Tooling components, we didn’t forget about those under hood restoration projects you are working on! We carry everything from radiator fan shrouds to battery trays. Now you can keep your Fox Body Mustang looking like it rolled off the showroom floor with OE replacement parts!