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Mustang Ram Dual Disc Clutch Installation (11-14 5.0L)

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 3/9/2020

Our 2011 Mustang GT had to get a clutch upgrade. We turned to Ram and installed their Force Dual Disc Clutch. Drivability and performance were amazing to say the least!!!

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Well, we're finally back in business.

My factory clutch started acting up just a few weeks ago.  The factory clutch starting releasing very close to the floor, making gear changes very difficult.

I took the car in to my local Ford dealer, who proceeded to remove the clutch for inspection.

The results were startling.  Somehow, three of the pressure plate bolts wiggled themselves loose, causing the pressure plate to sit unevenly, preventing proper disengagement of the clutch.  As a result, the dowel pins that locate the pressure plate to the coyote's flywheel sheared off.




The factory clutch and pressure plate appeared to be in good condition.  The technician could have simply replaced the dowel pins and bolts, but I decided to step it up.

I don't want to log any more walking miles because of problems with the factory clutch.  Although the factory clutch is adequate for daily usage and thousands of miles of smooth service, I drive my car harder than most, and I don't want to lose sleep wondering if the factory clutch is up to the task of my "spirited" driving.  I opted to have a newly released RAM dual disk clutch, pressure plate, and aluminum flywheel installed.

RAM's 9.5" street dual disk offers the performance and durability of aggressive single-disc setups without sacrificing driveability.  RAM's dual disc uses 2 clutch disks to increase clamping force, instead of aggressive materials.  Aggressive single disc setups typically cause an abrupt and choppy release, making daily driveability less than satisfying.  The dual disc from RAM is said to hold as well as the most aggressive of single disk clutches, without the chatter.


Special attention is payed to the clutch assembly's total weight.  At about 37 pounds, road racers will benefit from about a 5 pound weight reduction over the stock clutch and flywheel.  This reduced weight will allow quicker revving for improved power on corner exits.  That 37 pound weight, though, maintains the needed overall weight in the clutch assembly to maintain inertia and improve low-rpm driveability.

RAM's street dual disc is a direct bolt in.  Complete instructions are included to retrofit the dual-disc to your car using your factory hydraulic release system.  There's no need for expensive, adjustable throw out bearings to install RAM's dual setup.

The aluminum flywheel that's included with the street dual disc is a work of art.  The SFI approve flywheel is manufactured in-house at RAM to exacting standards.  Friction surfaces are precision ground for flatness, zero runout, and surface finish for friction material compatibility.


The RAM street dual disc includes an sfi-approved aluminum flywheel, dual clutch disks, strap-driven floater plate, pressure plate, and all necessary hardware.


At just over the $900 mark, the 2011 Mustang 5.0L Ram Force 9.5" street Dual Disc Clutch kit isn't cheap, but, when compared to custom single disc clutches with comparable holding power, the dual disc's price point is in line, and it offers driveability unsurpassed by conventional single-disc performance clutches.

I've only driven the car for about 50 miles since the clutch install, but I already notice a firmer, more positive pedal feel and the clutch releases higher, allowing quicker shifts.  The RAM releases slightly quicker than the factory clutch, requiring a slightly different feel, but it's certainly a comfortable and smooth clutch, considering it's holding capability.