Mustang SVE Rear Control Arms

Adding a set of Mustang SVE rear control arms to your car is a great way to stiffen up your suspension. These performance tubular rear control arms fit 1979-2004 Fox Body, SN-95, and New Edge Mustangs and are offered in black or red finishes. Directly replacing your factory control arms, these kits can help reduce wheel hop, increase traction, and help you launch better at the track. With urethane bushings, you get less deflection, making your suspension more responsive and putting all of your horsepower and torque to the ground. Each kit includes 2 sets of sleeves, one for 1979-1993 and one for 1994-2004 Mustangs. Bolt on a set of these tubular control arms to your Mustang for better daily driving and track performance!

Mustang SVE Control Arm Kits