Ford Mustang Smog Pump Eliminators & Smog Pumps

Mustang Smog Pumps are usually one of the first things to remove when people are looking for more power on their 79-93 Mustangs. This leaves the next owner scrambling to find one to put on so they can pass emissions. Latemodel Restoration Supply offers help in both areas. LRS offers a wide variety of Mustang Smog Pump Eliminator Kits for use on Off Road performance applications as well as OEM Mustang Replacement Smog Pumps for those looking to stay with the factory Equipment. Whether you're looking for a Mustang Smog Pump Eliminator for your Race Car or new Mustang Replacement Smog Pump for your 93 Cobra, LRS has everything you would need for whateverMustang Smog Pump or Smog Pump Eliminator need you might have.

Mustang Smog Pump and Smog Pump Eliminators

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