Mustang Handling Packs

Mustang handling packs are a great way to get your Mustang handling the way it should from the factory. Ride quality remains excellent compared to stock with race car like handling and control. Mustang handling packs will dramatically reduce understeer and produce more neutral balance without reducing your Mustangs suspension compliance. Ford Racing handing pack includes, Dampers (M18000C), Mustang Lowering springs (M5300L), Mustang Anti-roll bar kit (M5490B) and Mustang Strut Tower Brace (M20201C). Eibach is world renowned for their line of Mustang Lowering Springs, but they also make Mustang Anti-Sway Bars & Mustang Shocks/Struts that are specially engineered for use with their Mustang Springs. To make your Mustang run with the Track Dogs, grab an Eibach Pro-System Plus that includes the Springs, Shocks, Struts, & Anti-Sway Bars to get your Mustang carving through corners like a knife through a Thanksgiving Turkey.

2005-14 Mustang V6 Handling Packs

2007-14 Mustang GT500 Handling Packs