Mustang Tokico Shocks & Struts

Get your suspension upgraded for better handling, cornering, and ride quality with new Mustang Tokico shocks and struts from Late Model Restoration. These aftermarket shocks & struts directly replace your factory parts and provide a more comfortable ride while giving you great performance. Choose from Tokico Illumina, D-Spec, and HP Series shocks/struts to outfit your Mustang. Available for 1979-1993, 1994-2004, and 2005-2014 Mustangs.

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Mustang Tokico Shocks/Struts (94-04)

Add a set of Mustang Tokico struts and shocks to your SN-95 or New Edge for better ride quality and performance. These D-spec, Illumina, and HP series shocks/struts are a great upgrade over factory parts and give you superior ride quality.
  • $179.99 Now $91.64
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Mustang Tokico Shocks/Struts (05-14)

If you want your S197 handling better than ever, pick up a set of Mustang Tokico shocks and struts. We carry a full line of HP series and D-spec shocks and struts to give you the best performance and comfort.
  • $179.99 Now $93.67
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