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Mustang Exterior Weatherstrip

Is your Mustang weatherstripping torn, leaking, or causing wind noises? Get your Mustang back to factory specs with quality Weatherstrips from


Over time, Mustang exterior weatherstrip can become worn, torn, or begin to fall apart, preventing it from making a proper seal. Weatherstrip goes along body doors, windows, windshields, trunks, and other body panels to keep dirt, wind, and water from reaching your interior. These seals can also deteriorate and fade, giving your Mustang an old, worn-out look. Restore your Mustang with Late Model Restoration's variety of weatherstrip, seals, and molding kits. Choose from a popular weather strip for your door-to-body, window run channel, hatch, trunk, t-top, and sunroof. Do you need door weatherstrip molding? Choose from inner door belt, outer door belt, and quarter belt weatherstripping to restore and seal your Fox Body doors.

Needing new seals for your convertible Mustang? We have everything you need to keep your convertible Mustang adequately sealed. With weatherstrip to cover your top side rail, top header, quarter windows, rear of door run channels, retainer channel, pillar post, windshield, and quarter post caps, you can make sure no water leaks onto your expensive interior! Save time and money by getting everything you need in a Mustang weatherstrip kit! These kits are grouped perfectly to replace all of your Mustang's most commonly worn seals. Choose from kits that replace your convertible, door, and hatch/trunk weather stripping to get your restoration job done quickly and easily. Remember to replace your rubber plugs and grommets! These plugs and grommets are located on your floor pan and firewall and can go missing over time, causing cold air or heat to get into your Mustang. We offer new replacement plugs and grommets individually and in kits for easy replacement. Pick up these high-quality weatherstrip kits, plugs, grommets, and seals from Late Model Restoration, and keep your Mustang sealed up!