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Mustang Week 2013 Pictures & Videos

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 8/24/2020

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Mustang Week 2013 Videos & Pictures - mustang week 2013 LatemodelResto Tent

Mustang Week 2013 had its ups and it downs for our Late Model Restoration crew. We faced an influx of challenges from day one. We had multiple tire blowouts on the way to the event. Thanks to some high winds we found our tent blown over in the ditch on Saturday morning. Despite all the challenges we faced, we still had an amazing time at Mustang Week.

We got to meet many of our amazing customers, vendors and friends at the show. We enjoyed the face to face conversations and handing out plenty of free shirts and bottled water at our tent. On Friday the Late Model Restoration tent provided plenty of share and a cool breeze with multiple fans in place. On Saturday our newly rebuilt tent provide shade but most importantly it provided shelter from the massive downpour of rain.

We were blown away by some of the amazing Stangs we ran across at this years event! Three Fox Body Mustang projects that got a lot of attention this year were the SINIS Built 1979 Pace Car, Southeastern Foxbodies Save-A-Fox & StangNet.com Built to Cruise. Look for more coverage of the SINIS Built Project and Save-A-Fox project to come soon. Whether you enjoy burnout contest, auto-x, drag racing or just a good car show, Mustang Week has something for you!

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Mustang Week 2013 Videos & Pictures - Mustang Week 2013 car show Mustang Week 2013 Videos & Pictures - mustang week 2013 car show Mustang Week 2013 Videos & Pictures - mustang week 2013 show Mustang Week 2013 Videos & Pictures - mustang week 2013 show Mustang Week 2013 Videos & Pictures - mustang week 2013 car show Mustang Week 2013 Videos & Pictures - mustang week car show

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About the Video

Mustang Week 2013 Pictures & Videos

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Published on 2013-05-31
It is hard to believe but Mustang Week 2013 has come and gone. This year we attended the Mustang Week Car Show a little differently. We decided to set up a large tent with free t-shirts, water and fans to help everyone keep cool in the hot humid Myrtle Beach climate. Little did we know, that the tent would also provide shelter from the rain that rolled through on Saturday. We had an absolute blast talking to and meeting customers. We also enjoyed seeing thousands of Fox Body, SN95 and S197 Mustangs. We even got to see some awesome Foxbody Mustang projects we have been part of - StangNet.com Built to Cruise, Sinis Built 79 Pace Car & Southeastern Foxbodies Save-A-Fox! There was plenty to keep all Stang enthusiast entertained at Mustang Week this year including burnout contests, autocross (auto x) school, drag racing and the always fun to watch Mustang Week cruises and mall pullouts!

Big thanks to some of the other vendors and sponsors:

SCT - awesome passport contest
Pro-Dyno & 5.0 Mustang Magazine - Dyno Challange
Barton Industries
Rodney Melton for taking the time to do the interview!!

We will see you all at Mustang Week 2014!!!

Mustang Week started from a little idea that was just floating around, wanting to do something cool for everybody. Started in 2002. First Mustang Week event was held at Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle Beach. The attendance of the first event was around 100 to 125 cars. It has grown a lot since then. It has went from 125 cars to over 2000 cars.

They can go to the website which is MustangWeek.com, and it has all of our contact info, direct emails, and phone numbers. This event went really well. It was our biggest one so far. We are going to have some solid numbers very soon, but I know they were better than last year. It's to be expected at Myrtle Beach, they'll have an afternoon thunder shower. But people come back out after it clears up. It's kind of nice. It cools things off. The most unexpected thing that happened this year was the fact that it keeps growing.

It gets a little bigger every year. We've been very fortunate with that. And I generally enjoy all the events. I enjoy the meet and greet. I had a good time at autocross, got to ride some really nice cars. And I work a lot.

We have a meet and greet on Tuesday where everybody gets together, friends from the past. Speedway event on Wednesday where we have fun runs, autocross, burnout contest. Then Thursday we have the drag night. Friday we have the car show, Saturday the [INAUDIBLE].

Just need to watch the guys out there and have a good time, people that's never done an autocross, people that's never had the chance to run around the circle track. They get to go out and enjoy it, see what it's like, learn a little bit. We had an autocross school this year where they were taught some good stuff.

Mustang Week is not just a car show. It's not just a drag strip. It's an event. You've got a multitude of different things to do. People that have never been to say a speedway or the drag strip, you can go out and enjoy it for the first time. They don't have to feel shy or awkward. The car show is a laid back atmosphere. You're at the beach. We want you to go out and do beach things and enjoy the car shows and all the sponsors and spectators have a good time.

I'd like to say thanks to everyone that was involved, the staff, which is me, Mike Clay, Brad Worley, Scott Morgan, and the late Bill Jones. We always think about him. I'd like everyone to thank the volunteers because we couldn't do it without them. They're gonna want to thank the sponsors, because there's no way it would happen without them. And I look forward to seeing everyone next year.