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New Edge Mustang Paint Codes | 1999-04

Created by Jason Konieczny
Last Updated 4/14/2021

Need help finding the paint code on your New Edge Mustang? Check out this article to help located and determine your paint and name on your 1999-04 Mustang.

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New Edge Mustang Paint Codes | 1999-04 - New Edge Mustang Paint Codes | 1999-04

When it is time to upgrade the exterior of your New Edge Mustang by adding a 2003-04 SVT Cobra front bumper or a new cowl hood, you will need to know your correct paint code before your pony car goes to paint. This article will cover the basics of where to find your correct paint code and will cover the 1999-04 New Edge Mustang colors that were used!

1999 marked some major changes for the SN95 Ford Mustang. The aging chassis that started with the 1979 Fox Body Mustang was now 20 years old and needed to make a splash to take attention away from the newly LS-powered, high-performance Chevrolet Camaro. While keeping the shape of the SN95 Mustang, the 1999 model year dubbed “New Edge” featured significant exterior changes with sharper edges, a complete facelift on the front and rear of the car including new headlights and taillights, and large side scoops.

Performance wise, the Mustang GT would receive Performance Improved (PI) cylinder heads and intake manifold bumping the horsepower from 225 to 260 and torque up to 302 lb/ft. from 290 lb/ft. These numbers would remain for the GT variant through 2004. However, Ford would offer several different “performance packages” or upgraded models for the last years of the Fox Chassis including The return of the Mach 1 Mustangs, the 2001 Bullitt only offered with a manual transmission with its beautiful Dark Highland Green, and the continuation of the 32v, DOHC SVT Cobra now featuring an independent rear suspension.

New Edge Mustang Paint Codes (99-04) - New Edge Mustang Paint Codes (99-04)

As one can imagine, with the noted changes, the 99-04 paint colors would also need to fit the revised Flagship of FoMoCo. Mustang fans of all ages appreciate one of the best Mustang colors ever to be used on the color-changing SVT Cobra of 1996. Its Mystic paint job would switch between purple, deep green, orange, and even gold depending on the light and angle you viewed it. On a production vehicle, this was the first time an OEM color that changed appearance was used!

With the Mystichrome SVT Cobra, Ford brought back a version of this rare Mustang in 2004. Color-changing paint was also used on the front seats and steering wheel. It's worth noting that if a 2000 SVT Cobra was built, a unique color-changing option called Mystic Gold would be used. This almost-used paint would have changed from a vibrant metallic yellow and orange to a green tint when exposed to light. Unfortunately, the 2000 Mystic Gold SVT Cobra was never built due to the 1999 SVT Cobra's Intake and exhaust recalls.


New Edge Mustang Paint Codes (99-04) - New Edge Mustang Paint Codes (99-04)

You can find your paint code on the Vehicle Identification sticker located inside your driver’s door (see picture above). The paint code for your New Edge Mustang is located on the bottom left-hand side of the manufacturer ID sticker. It is labeled “EXT PNT”.

Once you have the paint code you can use our simple Paint Code List below to find the official Ford paint name for your New Edge paint code. This will help you get your exterior restoration project underway.

1999-04 New Edge Mustang Paint Code List

Paint Code Paint Name Years Available
BZ Chrome Yellow 1999
E8 Rio Red 1999
FU Dark Green Satin 1999
K6 Atlantic Blue 1999-00
K7 Bright Atlantic Blue 1999-00
ZR Crystal White 1999-00
ES Performance Red 1999-01
SW Electric Green 1999-02
E9 Laser Red 1999-03
UA Black 1999-04
YN Silver 1999-04
BP Sunburst Gold 2000
SU Amazon (Tropic) Green 2000-03
PY Highland Green 2001 Bullitt
B7 Zinc Yellow 2001-03
L2 True Blue 2001-03
TK Mineral Gray 2001-03
Z1 Oxford White 2001-04
TL Satin Silver 2002-03 (03 was SVT Cobra Only)
D3 Torch Red 2002-04
CX Dark Shadow Gray 2003-04
G2 Redfire Pearl Metallic 2003-04
L5 Azure Blue 2003-04 Mach 1
SN Sonic Blue 2003-04
CY Competition Orange 2004
D6 Screaming Yellow 2004
FX Crimson Red 2004 40th Anniversary Edition
G6 Mystichrome Metallic 2004 Terminator Cobra

That is a very extensive list of colors! Some were carried over from the SN95 Mustang and many were new releases specifically for the New Edge Mustang. Gone are the pink and purple hues from 1994-98 and colors like Redfire Metallic, Electric Green, and Dark Shadow Grey take their place.

The New Edge Mustang even had some other unique colors if you had owned one of the “Power in the hands of few” Saleen cars. Colors like the beautiful Beryllium orange in 2002, Extreme Rainbow in 1999, and Speedlab Yellow & Lizstick Red of 2000. These beloved Mustangs, like the Fox Body Mustang, are increasing in their value and many will be collector’s items in years to come.

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