Roush Lower Grille Delete Install (13-14 Mustang)

Posted 3/13/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch as we install a 2013-14 Mustang Roush Lower Grille Delete. This is the ULTIMATE way to improve engine cooling and drastically improve the styling!

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If you want to improve the cooling performance of your front mount intercooler or heat exchanger then you need to look no further than the Roush lower grille delete for 2013-14 Mustangs. This grille lets you get rid of that restrictive factory honeycomb lower grille. The factory grille can actually restrict airflow to your supercharged Mustang’s heat exchanger.

Don’t let that factory honeycomb grille rob you of performance! Follow along in this video as we walk you through installing one of Roush’s lower grille deletes. These Mustang grille deletes maximize air flow and improve engine cooling – not to mention they give your front end a sinister new look!

Roush Lower Grille Delete Install (13-14 Mustang) - roush lower grille delete install

They are constructed out of high strength thermal plastic oldfin (TFO) for superior quality, durability and fitment! They are designed to fit 13-14 Mustang GT, V6, Boss 302 and California Specials models. Installation does require some modification to your front bumper; however, if you follow along in our video and use Roush’s detailed instructions the installation will be a breeze!

Don’t forget to finish off your Roush front end conversion with our Roush chin spoiler, upper grille and fog light kits. Watch do a complete Roush conversion on our 2014 here: 2014 Mustang GT Project Car.

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Mustang Roush Lower Grille Delete Installation (2013-14 GT V6 S197)

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Published on 2014-02-25
Give your 2013-14 Mustang GT, V6 & Boss 302 an aggressive new look with the Roush Lower Grille Delete. Not only does this Roush lower grille improve the looks of your Mustang but it also improves the cooling performance by allowing more air to flow into your radiator and heat exchanger or intercooler if equipped.

This makes the Roush High Flow Lower Grille Delete a must have mod for any supercharged or turbocharged Mustang. This grille kit includes all needed hardware, installation instructions and lower grille delete parts.

Follow along in this video as we show you how to install the Roush Mustang Lower Grille Delete. Set aside a few hours for this installation as you will have to cut your front bumper to finish the installation. The final product is nothing short of stunning and improves the cooling performance while looking good!

Part# RSH-421393
Brand: Roush Performance Parts
Fits: Ford Mustang GT V6 Boss 302
Years: 2013 (13) - 2014 (14) SVE 5.0Resto
2013 and '14 Mustang GT and V6 owners can completely rid themselves of the factory honeycomb grille by using one of these Roush Performance Lower Grille Delete kits. The addition of one of these grille delete kits improves air flow which is a major benefit for supercharged cars. Installation is pretty intense so follow along, and we'll show just to put one of these Roush grille deletes on your Mustang.

Installation begins by opening the hood and removing the eight pin retainers along with the upper radiator cover. Remove the four pin retainers and the four 8 millimeter bolts from the top of the front bumper cover. Remove the three 7 millimeter outer lower bumper cover bolts on both the right hand and the left hand side. Remove the front six 8 millimeter bolts and the rear five 7 millimeter bolts from the lower air deflector.

Pull down in back to remove the lower air deflector from the car. Disconnect the two side marker light connectors, one on the right and one on the left. Remove the ambient air temperature sensor by prying it out of place. Pull outwards to unsnap the right hand and left hand side of the bumper cover. If equipped, disconnect the fog lamp connectors. Pull the bumper cover away from and off of your Mustang.

Release the 12 retaining tabs around the perimeter of the factory lower grille insert, and slide it out of the bumper cover. Take this opportunity to clean the opening. Take the supply template, and cut it out following the directions. Using the cut features on the template to assist in locating position the lower mouth template into the front side of the bumper cover. Center the template into the lower mouth opening and tape it into place.

Using a marker, mark the two slots cut out of the ends of the template. Using a center punch, mark the center location of the eight holes on the lower mouth template. Then remove the template. The instructions call for a 90 degree drill. But we didn't have one. So we just used our regular drill and an 1/8 inch drill bit to pilot drill the eight holes mark from the template along with the two slot locations marked on the ends of the template.

We then enlarged all the pilot holes with a 1/4 inch drill bit, all eight holes along the bottom mouth opening and the two slot locations. Then using a combination of a razor knife and a file or body saw, we opened up the two slots. The instructions also call for measuring 4 millimeters around the surface on the fascia to find your cut point. We did not find this to be necessary and simply laid down some tape to mark a straight line and used a body saw to cut around the grille opening.

Once the backside of the grille recess is removed, the cut section should look something like this. Cleanup any rough edges on the bumper with a blade or file. Wipe down the bumper with alcohol and do the same for the lower mouth trim. Apply adhesion promoter to that area. Install the tape onto the trim piece leaving the red edges showing. Install two of the supplied J-clips in the left and right second to outside holes that you drilled earlier. Orient the J-clips so that the threaded portion is pointed upward.

Loosely install and support the supplied bracket with two of the supplied screws into the J-clips. Loosely place the lower mouth trim piece into a lower grille opening, lining up the tabs in the left and right corners with the slots in the bumper cover. Be sure that the tape film still accessible for removal. Turn the bumper cover upside down and align the remaining five tabs with the lower mouth reinforcement bracket slots.

Loosely install the six supplied screws in the remaining four holes of the reinforcement bracket and the two outermost holes. Remove the red tape film from the trim and press firmly along the trim surface to stick the tape to the bumper cover. Access the backside of the bumper cover and tighten all [? your ?] loosely installed screws. Then install the seven supplied retaining clips onto the seven lower mouth trim tabs, centering the tab within the clip and pressing firmly.

Apply soapy water to the surface of the front bumper cover just above the lower mouth trim. Remove the white backing from the black vinyl decal and apply soapy water to the back side of the decal. Install the decal just above the lower mouth opening. Allow 5 millimeters of the decal to hang just beyond the last body line leading into the lower mouth opening. After the decal is aligned and flat, run a squeegee along the surface of the detail to remove the soapy water and air bubbles.

Use a heat gun as necessary to remove any ripples. Using a trim tool remove the four plastic push pins from the foam bumper isolator to access the four inner bumper reinforcement bolts. Using a 13 millimeter socket, remove the two top inner bumper reinforcement bolts. Install the two include longer bolts in place of the two that you just removed. And install the inner cooler pump mounting bracket behind the bumper onto the bumper bolts using the supplied 8 millimeter nuts.

Reinstall the foam bumper insulator. Loosely mount the front bumper cover onto the car. Using four bolts, install the two pencil braces onto the inner cooler pump mounting bracket. And use the remaining two bolts to install the pencil bracket to the lower mouth support bracket. Tighten all six bolts. Fully reinstall your front bumper cover. Reinstall the ambient air temp sensor on the metal bumper beam. And reinstalling all the previously removed hardware.

Once you get past the nausea of hacking on your car, the Roush instructions really do give you a step-by-stop overview of the entire lower grille delete install. Be sure and leave yourself plenty of working time. Take plenty of breaks. Measure twice and most definitely only cut once. Not only does this lower grill delete give you a much more aggressive appearance and added air flow, also comes with some extra bracketry to allow for a much more secure attachment for your front bumper cover. You can check out our entire offering of Roush products at

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