Roush Rear Spoiler Install (10-14 Mustang)

Posted 3/18/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch us install a Roush Rear Spoiler on our 2014 Mustang GT! This aggressively designed spoiler will help you turn heads!

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Get rid of the small barely noticeable factory spoiler on your 2010-14 Mustang! Replace it with an aggressive race inspired rear spoiler from Roush Performance Parts! This is the same spoiler that is featured on the supercharged 5.0L Roush RS3.

Follow along in this video as we walk you through the installation of the Roush Rear spoiler. In the video we cover everything from how to remove your factory spoiler to how to drill the required holes for final installation. It will require some modifications to your S197 Mustang; however, the aggressive new look of your Mustang will be more than worth the effort!

The Roush Mustang spoiler includes:

  • (1) Center Rear Spoiler
  • (1) LH Rear Spoiler End
  • (1) RH Rear Spoiler End
  • (1) Hardware Kit
  • (6) Lock Nuts - M6 x 1.0
  • (4) Bolts - M6 x 1 x 12.5
  • (2) Die Cut 3M Tape
  • (9) Foam Tape
  • (1) Positioning Template & Installation Instructions

Don’t forget to finish off your Roush RS3 conversion with our Roush chin spoiler, upper grille, lower grille delete and fog light kit. Watch do a complete Roush conversion on our 2014 here: 2014 Mustang GT Project Car.

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Roush Mustang Rear Spoiler Installation (S197 2010-14)

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Published on 2014-03-03
Give your 2010-14 Mustang an aggressive and unique look with the Roush Rear Spoiler Kit! If you like the race inspired look of the powerful supercharged 5.0L Roush RS3, then you have been searching for this Mustang spoiler. The Roush spoiler is constructed of ABS material for superior strength and light weight design.

Installation of the Roush Spoiler does require some modification to the rear of your Mustang. Luckily you can follow along on video as we show you how easy it is to follow Roush's detailed instructions. We also cover how to remove your OE factory spoiler in this video.

This install will require you to have the spoiler professionally painted before you can start the installation. Once you have the rear spoiler installed you will be turning heads in no time! Be sure to click the link above to shop our complete line of Roush Performance Parts!!

Each Roush Rear Spoiler Kit includes:
(1) Center Rear Spoiler
(1) LH Rear Spoiler End
(1) RH Rear Spoiler End
(1) Hardware Kit
(6) Lock Nuts - M6 x 1.0
(4) Bolts - M6 x 1 x 12.5
(2) Die Cut 3M Tape
(9) Foam Tape
(1) Positioning Template & Installation Instructions SVE 5.0Resto
While there are a few spoiler options available for '10 to '14 Mustangs, there are none that are as aggressive as a Roush performance three piece for your spoiler. Some drilling is required to mount the outer two pieces. However, if your Mustang is equipped with the factory pedestal mount spoiler, then the middle section will bolt right into place on your deck hood, without having to drill any holes at all.

The spoiler will need to be prepped and painted before installation. So you want to make sure and plan ahead for that time and expense. Open the trunk and remove the 13 pushpins that retain the underside liner. Remove the liner from the trunk lid. Remove the two plugs to access the outboard mounting holes.

Remove the four nuts from the factory spoiler. Be careful not to drop the nuts into the trunk lid. Do not reuse these nuts. Use a heat gun to carefully heat the entire perimeter of the factory spoiler. As the spoiler becomes warm, pull straight up to release the tape from the trunk lid.

You may need to take a plastic scraper to help separate the tape from the trunk lid. Be careful not to scratch the paint. Remove any foam tape residue that stayed on the deck lid. You can use an eraser wheel, and then clean the entire area with rubbing alcohol.

Wipe down the underside of the spoiler surface with alcohol and allow it to dry. Apply the supplied adhesion promoter to the surface area, where the tape is to be applied. Allow the adhesion promoter to dry for at least one minute.

Apply the foam gaskets and tape. And after positioning the tape, apply firm pressure across the entire taped surface to ensure a good bond, making sure that the red pull tabs for the double-sided tape are accessible. Using the outer spoiler template, start on the driver side, aligning the template on the quarter panel using the indicated alignment features. Center punch the sheet metal at the three locations for the bolt holes.

Remove the template. Using an 1/8 inch drill bit, drill three pilot holes per side in the center punch positions. Move up to a 5/16 inch drill bit and finish off the holes. De-burr the holes and apply a rust inhibitor at the bare metal.

Remove one bolt from each side of the trunk liner, and pull the liner away from the rear corners. Start with the driver side spoiler end, and loosely install two bolts and one nut per side. Ensure that the double-sided tape pull tabs are not hidden, and are fully accessible. Pull the tape tabs and attach the spoiler end to the quarter panel. And tighten down the one nut and two bolts. Move to the passenger side and repeat these steps.

Lower the trunk lid, and check the alignment of the center spoiler to the two quarter panel end pieces. Pull the tape tabs and attach the spoiler to the trunk lid. Open the trunk lid and tighten down the four retaining nuts. Reinstall your trunk liner and the 13 pushpins. Reinstall the two rubber grommets on the outer spoiler access holes.

If you're wondering what you'd do if your car was not equipped with a factory spoiler, well Roush includes a template to allow you to mark and drill the holes needed for the center section as well. As with all other Roush products, detailed instructions, templates, hardware, and tape are included. You can grab your Roush spoiler, along with any other Roush part you might want for your Mustang, at

Roush Rear Spoiler Install (10-14 Mustang) Tech Info

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