Roush Upper Grille Install (13-14 Mustang)

Posted 3/12/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch us walk you through how to install a 2013-14 Mustang Roush upper grille. This is one of the easiest ways to drastically improve the exterior of your S197 Mustang!

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Most Mustang mods either improve performance or improve your styling. It is a rare combination to find a Mustang part that gives you both performance and styling. The 2013-14 Mustang Roush upper grille does just that! Not only does it give you an aggressive race inspired look found on the Roush RS3 but it also improves your cooling performance by allowing more air flow into your radiator and engine compartment.

The Roush high flow upper grille features a 5 bar design that deletes your factory grille mounted fog lights. It increases air flow into the radiator by approximately 40%! It also features a super durable ABS construction for dependability and long life.

Roush Upper Grille Install (13-14 Mustang) - Roush Mustang Upper Grille

Installation requires NO cutting and can be done in the comforts of your own garage with simple hand tools. Follow along in this video as we show you just how easy it is to drastically improve the exterior of your 13-14 Mustang with the help of the Roush upper grille.

Don’t forget to finish off your Roush front end conversion with our Roush chin spoiler and fog light kits. Watch do a complete Roush conversion on our 2014 here: 2014 Mustang GT Project Car.


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Roush Mustang Upper Grille Installation (2013-14 S197 GT, V6 & Boss 302)

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Published on 2014-02-19
Want to give your 2013-14 Mustang the iconic Roush RS3 look and styling? Look no further that the Roush upper grille. Not only will it improve the looks of your S197 Mustang but it will also improve your cooling performance! It increases air flow going into the radiator by approximately 40% over your stock GT or V6 Mustang grille.

This Roush grille will fit the V6, GT, Boss 302 & California Special edition 2013-14 Mustangs. It is made from ABS injection moded plastics for strong durable construction. No cutting or drilling is required for installation.

Follow along in this video as Jmac show you how easy it is to transform the exterior of your Mustang with the Roush Upper Grille! Click on the link above for more details on this grille.

Ford Mustang - 2013 (13) - 2014 (14)
You can add some aggressive styling and improve the air flow to your 2013 or 2014 Mustang GT or V6 with a Roush performance upper grill. This grill is a great option if you've chosen another fog light mounting position, such as the Roush performance fog light kit.

The hardest part of this install is going to be removing the front bumper cover. Follow along and we'll show you just how easy that part of it is.

Installation begins by opening the hood and removing the eight pin retainers along with the upper radiator cover.

Remove the four pin retainers and the four 8 millimeter bolts from the top of the front bumper cover. Remove the three 7 millimeter outer lower bumper cover bolts on both the right-hand and the left-hand side. Remove the front six 8 millimeter bolts and the rear five 7 millimeter bolts from the lower air deflector.

Pull down and back to remove the lower air deflector from the car. Disconnect the two side marker light connectors-- one on the right and one on the left. Remove the ambient air temperature sensor by prying it out of place. Pull outward to unsnap the right-hand and left-hand sides of the bumper cover.

If equipped, disconnect the fog lamp connectors. Pull the bumper cover away from and off of your Mustang.

Remove the three 7 millimeter bolts from each fog light and remove the fog lights from the factory grill. Release the 14 retaining tabs around the perimeter of the factory grill and remove the grill from the bumper cover.

Take this opportunity to clean the opening.

Slide the new Roush grill into position and install the 14 supplied U-clips.

Reinstall your bumper cover, reversing the removal steps.

The Roush upper grill is an easy snap-in installation that requires no modifications and no painting, plus it fits both GT and V6. If you have original grill-mounted fog lights, you can either zip-tie your old pigtail harnesses out of the way or, if you're installing something like the Roush fog light kit, they need to be routed down and plugged in to the new fog light adapter harnesses.

You can go to to pick up your Roush upper grill, as well as check out our entire offering of Roush performance parts.

Roush Upper Grille Install (13-14 Mustang) Tech Info

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