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Roush Supercharged SVT Raptor Video Review

Last Updated 9/23/2019 by Jeff Jimenez

Ride along in this Roush Supercharged SVT Raptor! See how to build the ultimate off-road F-150 truck.

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I recently got the pleasure of taking our supercharged 2013 SVT Raptor out for a test drive. In the process, I grabbed some GoPro cameras and thought I would take you guys along for a ride. My initial impression was this this truck had stock like drivability and amazing performance! So much so that I almost forgot I was driving a 6,200 lb F-150 truck.

The Ford F-150 SVT Raptor featured a very powerful engine with its 6.2L V8. It yields an impressive 411 HP and 434 ft. lbs of torque. This is plenty of power to get this heavy truck moving across any terrain; however, if you want to give your SVT Raptor a BIG boost in horsepower and not sacrifice any drivability, you need to look no further than Roush Supercharger Kits.

Roush Supercharged SVT Raptor Video Review - Roush Supercharger Kit - Ford SVT Raptor

The Roush Phase 2 supercharger kits include everything you need to turn your Ford Raptor into an off-road beast. Each of these kits features the Roush 2.3L TVS supercharger to help boost your horsepower numbers in excess of 115+ HP depending on which kit you purchase! You can see all of our Roush Raptor Supercharger Kits below.

The Roush Supercharger kits for the Ford Raptor include the following parts:

  • (1) ROUSH R2300 2.3L TVS Supercharger
  • (1) Fuel charging assembly with ROUSH designed upper and lower aluminum intake manifolds
  • (1) Twin 60mm throttle body and throttle body spacer
  • (1) High-flow cold air induction system featuring an injection molded air box, blow-molding clean air tube and high flow, washable, premium air filter
  • (1) 100mm MAF (Mass Air Flow) tube
  • (1) Unique high flow fuel rail with 47lb injectors
  • (1) ROUSH Flash Voucher Card
  • (1) High efficiency intercooler system featuring dual-core low temp radiator, degas bottle, high capacity air-to-water intercooler and formed hoses with abrasion-resistant sleeves
  • All required fasteners, wiring, brackets, hoses and clamps
  • 3 Year or 36,000 Mile Warranty

At the end of the day the Roush blower made an already fun truck even more fun to drive. The truck accelerated hard enough to push you back and pin you to the seats; all while still being very mild mannered on the street. Whether it is at a drag strip or running full throttle across the desert, this supercharged Ford Raptor could be at home on just about any kind of terrain.

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Roush Supercharged SVT Raptor Video Review Tech Info

The Roush Raptor Supercharger kits are available for the following years and models:

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor with 6.2L V8 Engine
2011 (11) - 2012 (12) - 2013 (13) - 2014 (14)