SCT X4 Tuner: First Look!

Posted 2/21/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Click Now to get a first look at SCT's newest and greatest Mustang tuning device! The SCT X4 programmer will change the way you tune your SVT Lightning and 1996 to current Mustang!

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The next generation of Mustang Tuning is here! The SCT X4 programmer is going to help you unlock the full potential of your 1996 to current Mustang and SVT Lightning. The SCT X4 Tuner has been redesigned from the ground up with a full color screen that is much larger than the X3/SF3 tuners that it will be replacing.

The overall size is now smaller and more compact. It measures in at 5" x 3" where as the older SF3 measured 7" x 4". The SCT X4 Flash Programmer still comes with performance improving "Pre-Loaded" tunes and will also hold a total of 10 custom and mail-order tunes.

SCT X4 Tuner: First Look! - SCT X4 Programmer

With the SCT X4 you can also preform "On-Device" Data Monitoring. This means you can watch specific data such as RPM, boost and more in real time on the programmers new color screen! It also features built in WiFi for easier updates! This will be a huge improvement for anyone who has updated old devices via cables. It also features dual analog inputs for even more expansion.

Be sure to check out to get more information about SCT’s latest Mustang Tuning Device!

SCT X4 Tuner: First Look! - SCT X4 Tuner

SCT X4 Tuner: First Look! - SCT X4 Tuner SCT X4 Tuner: First Look! - SCT X4 Programmer

SCT X4 Programmers


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SCT X4 Tuner: Ford Mustang (1996-2014)

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Published on 2014-03-20
SCT is revolutionizing the Mustang tuning industry with their new Power Flash X4 Tuner! SCT listened to all of the customer feedback and they delivered. The SCT X4 features a much larger screen than the previous SF3/X3 tuner. The screen is now color as well!

Gone is long bulky cable that made the SF3/X3 hard to store. The cable is now removable on the SCT X4. It also features built in WiFi. That means you don't have to have a PC to get the latest updates!!

The new bright color screen makes it easy to read the on-screen data logging information. As with dated SF3/X3 tuner, the new SCT X4 can hold 10 custom tunes, comes pre-loaded with tons of custom tunes and will help you maximize your Mustangs & SVT Lightning's performance.

** Increases Horsepower & Torque
** Easily returns back to stock
** Installs Quickly & Easily
** Reads/Clears DTC Trouble Codes
** Pre-Loaded with Dyno Proven Tune Files
** Stores 10 Custom Tune Files
** Huge backlit LCD Display
** High Speed Datalogging/Monitoring
** User Adjustable Vehicle Parameters
The standard in tuning just got better. The SCT X3 or SF3 has been the staple in the Mustang tuning community for many years now.

However, the main complaints about it were it's physical size, the fact that the cord did not disconnect from the device, and it had a small, non color screen.

All of these have been addressed with the new SCT X4. It is significantly smaller in size. The cord does unplug from the device, meaning it fits great in your glove box or your center console. Plus it has a full size, full color screen.

SCT even added in a nice little Wi-Fi feature, allowing you to connect the X4 to your wireless network and download updates without ever having to connect the device to your PC or laptop.

Of course, the X4 comes with all of SCT's preloaded strategy tunes for '96 to present Ford gas vehicles, which includes our beloved Mustang and the '99 to '04 SVT Lightning.

It retains all of the X3's features, like DTC clear and check, vehicle info, device info, device set up, and my favorite, the on screen data logging. It'll hold up to 10 custom tunes. And can even be mounted to your windshield using SCT's optional windshield mount.

Pick up your SCT X4 at And while you're there, be sure to check out our instructional video showing you how to load a custom tune to your SCT device. And then using the handheld to program your vehicle.

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