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SVE Mustang GT Performance Pack Dyno (11-14 5.0L)

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 12/10/2016

Looking to add some serious power to your 5.0L Coyote powered 2011-14 Mustang? Look no further than the dyno proven results found in the SVE Performance Pack!

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We have been pretty busy with Project High Impact. However, this is not the only 2013 Mustang that has been getting attention here at Late Model Restoration. Jarrod’s black 2013 GT is another vehicle we just can’t keep our hands off. He recently installed the New 1.5" drop Ford Racing Strut, Shock And Spring Kit. His was also a “test mule” for the new 18×9/18×10 SVE Drift Wheels for the S197 and a 2013 Boss 302 chin spoiler. All the exterior dress up mods were nice but it is time for Jarrod’s Mustang to get some more power to the wheels. Jarrod opted to install the new SVE 2011-14 Mustang GT Performance Pack. The SVE Performance Pack includes Ford Racing GT500 Axle Back, 2011-14 JLT Plastic Textured Cold Air Intake, Custom Tune and SCT Tuner. This is a great SVE starter kit for performance. The JLT intake makes good power, the GT500 axle back sounds great, and the Custom Tune definitely is a good way to top off the whole kit.

We figured we would try to give you fellow Mustang Enthusiast as much information about the SVE Performance Pack as possible. To start, we are going to install one piece at a time and dyno the results each step along the way. We are going to start with the Ford Racing GT500 Axle Back then move to the Custom Tune and JLT Intake.

Stock Dyno Run

In stock form, Jarrod’s GT made a respectable 363.7HP and 354.8TQ; however, it needed some improvement. 93 octane was in the car for the first stock dyno pull and for all that followed. We put this kit together not just to save you some money and take the guess work out of what parts work well together but also because of the popularity of the parts used in this kit.

SVE Mustang GT Performance Pack Dyno (11-14 5.0L) - SVE Mustang GT Performance Pack Dyno (11-14 5.0L)

Ford Racing GT500 Axle Back Exhaust

We recently did a comparison on a few different axle backs on Project High Impact. In this article, the GT500 was the clear winner in the review and it is a customer favorite as well. You can read more on the review blog – 2013 Mustang Axle Back Comparison. On the Dyno, Jarrod’s GT saw an increase of 9HP and 6.7 ft TQ with final dyno numbers reading 372.7HP and 361.5TQ. To say we were surprised would be an understatement. The Mustang got a chance to cool some while performing the axle back install but the building we were dyno tuning in was hot and humid so I doubt the number was really skewed that much by the cooling. To see the GT500 axle back in action you can click on the following link


The install is easy and can be done in a garage or driveway in as little as 30 minutes to an hour. The sound quality of this axle back is great. It has a deep aggressive tone all while keeping the annoying “drone” noises to a bare minimum. They make the Mustang a blast to drive since you can still enjoy your radio while turning heads with the aggressive sounding exhaust.

JLT Cold Air Intake & Custom Tune

On the 2011-2014 5.0L Mustang GTs, a cold air intake and a custom tune can make a very noticeable difference in power and drivability. You don’t need a dyno to tell you that you have picked up noticeable HP and TQ. Power improvements are not the only benefits you gain from a custom tune. You get increased throttle response, improved driveablity and you can even see improved fuel mileage. Jarrod’s GT saw an increase of 21HP and 14.7ft TQ over the previous axle back only dyno. The final numbers on the JLT and custom tune dyno run was 393.7HP and 376.2TQ.

SVE Mustang GT Performance Pack Dyno (11-14 5.0L) - SVE Mustang GT Performance Pack Dyno (11-14 5.0L)

Install on the intake is very easy. JLT did a great job on the fitment and design – the installation only takes about 15-20 minutes. Installation of the custom tune is straight forward as well. Simply upload the custom tune to the SCT SF3 tuner, plug the tuner into the OBDII port and upload the tune. The tune can take a couple of minutes to upload so you can start with uploading the tune and by the time you are done with the intake your car is ready to go.


The SVE Performance Pack gave Jarrod’s GT a total increase of 30HP and 21.4ft TQ. It is an affordable must have purchase for your 2011-14 5.0L Coyote powered Mustang. This kit takes roughly an hour of your time to install and is very affordable considering the HP to dollar ratio. It gives you a good foundation to build off of for later performance upgrades, too. Throw in an off road x pipe or a Boss intake manifold and you will be seeing HP numbers well into the 400 range. Personally I think we could have gotten closer to that 400HP mark with a little better weather to go with our dyno session. We drove roughly an hour down the highway and jumped straight into Jarrod’s dyno session. We opted to use a third party dyno simply to take us out of the equation. We got the custom tune through email, just as you the customer would, and uploaded it to the car. There were no long cool down times, climate controlled dyno studios, adding timing to increase final numbers ect ect. The dyno was in a small and utterly hot and humid garage. Ambient air temp was in the 90s for nearly all the dyno pulls. Air flow through the garage was poor and the air that was moving through the garage was very hot and humid.

About the Video

2013 Mustang GT Dyno (Stock, Axleback, and SVE Powerpack)

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Published on 2013-10-22
hree runs on the dyno, with Jarrod's 2013 Mustang GT. The SVE Performance pack gave an at-the-wheels gain of about 30 horsepower and 22 ft-lb of torque! Even just the axleback exhaust gave a modest whp increase, which was pretty impressive and surprising. Check it out!

Run 1: Stock
Max Power: 363.70
Max Torque: 354.80

Run 2: Ford Racing GT500 Axleback Exhaust
Max Power: 372.73
Max Torque: 361.52

Run 3: SVE Powerpack (same exhaust as above, plus intake and tune)
Max Power: 393.78
Max Torque: 376.26