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Saleen Club of America Cruise

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 8/24/2020

The Texas Chapter of Saleen Club of America visited Late Model Restoration. Watch the video of their visit to see some amazing and very rare Mustangs!

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Late Model Restoration was graced with a visit from the Texas Chapter of the Saleen Club of America (SCOA). We got to hang out with some great people and true Mustang enthusiast. We also got to see some amazing and rare Mustangs thanks to SCOA. They brought a couple Saleen S351 Mustangs, Parnelli Jones Special Edition, Heritage Edition Saleen, a couple S281 Mustangs and many more. We also got to meet the Joe Mills the Texas Chapter president. Watch the video as he gave us all the news about the up-coming Saleen Nationals Event in Houston Texas! It is definitely an event any Mustang fanatic won't want to miss.

Check out some pictures from this cruise-in here - Saleen Club of America Cruise

About the Video

Saleen Club of America Cruise

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Published on 2013-04-22
The Texas Chapter of Saleen Club of America (SCOA) cruised down to spend some time with the LatemodelRestoration.com family. To say we had a blast is an understatement! SCOA brought some amazing Saleens and Mustangs with them - S351 Extreme, Parnelli Jones, Heritage, S281 and many many many more Saleen Mustangs. We also interviews Joe Mills, Texas Chapter president about the up-coming Saleen Nationals in Houston Texas. Watch the video for all the information!

JONATHAN MCDONALD: It's a beautiful spring day here in the latemodelrestoration.com parking lot. And we've been graced with the presence of the Texas chapter of the Saleen Club of America.

Here with me I've got Joe Mills who is the representative for the great state of Texas. Joe, tell us a little bit about you all's Texas chapter.

JOE MILLS: It's a great chapter. We're very fortunate in Texas to have probably the highest concentration of Saleens in the country, except for probably California. So we're usually able to get pretty good turnout, and it's a real active group.

JONATHAN MCDONALD: Yeah, pretty obvious. We have a huge turnout here today. Now when was the Saleen Club of America founded?

JOE MILLS: It was founded in 2003. And so this will be its 10th year anniversary.

JONATHAN MCDONALD: Were you there in the beginning?

JOE MILLS: No. Actually I was not. But I have only owned my Saleen about three years. Prior to that I actually built what we'd call a Faleen out of a GT-- and because I love those cars and I love the styling. And when I got my actual Saleen I became a pretty active member and worked into the organization of the club.

JONATHAN MCDONALD: Awesome. Now you said you have an actual Saleen now. Tell me a little bit about it.

JOE MILLS: I have a '94 Saleen S351. It is a number 94-94. And that's how Saleen does their cars. It's the year and then a unique build number after that.

My car is unique in that there was only 46 built in that year. Yet mine is number 94. Story behind that is it was a radio station giveaway car.


JOE MILLS: And in '94 Saleen was just rolling out the S351s. That was the first year of the SN95 body style. And they did a big promotion in the Northeast. And this car was used at a radio station promo-- something like 94 Rock HJY. And so they got their number, 94, to be put on as the serialized number for that car. And yet there were only 46 cars--

JONATHAN MCDONALD: 46 cars made.

JOE MILLS: --that year.

JONATHAN MCDONALD: That's pretty crazy. Well now, the Saleen Club of America is a national organization with regional and state affiliations. Where would somebody go to find a Saleen club in their area?

JOE MILLS: The best way to do that is go to saleenclubofamerica.com. You could find who your local area representatives are. We have great technical information there. We also have a very active forum.

JONATHAN MCDONALD: Now you mentioned that this was the 10th anniversary of the Saleen Club of America. Do you all have anything special planned?

JOE MILLS: We do. Here in Texas, every year we do a big, national event. And we have, as a very active state, earned the privilege of hosting the nationals in Texas, in Houston, August 1 through the 4th.

And never before has the feature car of the year been a Saleen S7 Supercar. And that's what it is this year. We will have possibly up to five, maybe seven, Saleen S7s in attendance. So it's almost like an S7 reunion.

So we expect people coming in from all over the country. We have more than 100 Saleen owners in Texas. It's going to be a really huge event. And you can find out all the information on our website about it.

The biggest news that we picked up in the last couple weeks is Steve Saleen, the man, is going to be attending our nationals this year. So we're very happy about that.

JONATHAN MCDONALD: Be sure and check out the 10th anniversary nationals of the Saleen Club of America in Houston. And for all your Mustang parts needs check out latemodelrestoration.com.