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Save A Fox: Mustang Charity Raffle

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Watch the video of Southeastern Foxbodies Save-A-Fox charity project here! This amazing Fox Body Mustang is one of the best raffles I have seen in a while!

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Save A Fox: Mustang Charity Raffle - Southeastern Foxbodies Mustang Raffle

Southeastern Foxbodies (SEFB) put together one amazing Fox Body Mustang. They took a Stang that was nothing to brag about and transformed it into the head-turning Pony you see on video. SEFB had fittingly named the project “Save-A-Fox” because when we originally saw this project at Mustang Week 2012, it was a bare shell sitting on a rotisserie. It was incredible to see this project come together and be ready for Mustang Week 2013; however, the most inspiring part of this project is that SEFB planned to raffle this Stang off for charity!

After meeting Southereastern Foxbodies at MW2012 we struck up a good working relationship. So when they approached us about helping donate to this project we honored. We were able to donate a whole host of Ford Racing, SVE and Ram parts to this project. Some of the these parts included:


There were a lot of companies that donated to this project – big thank you to everyone that put in time and donated parts!!!

Save A Fox made an impressive 341hp and 345 ft lb tq with he help of a 351 engine swap featuring Trickflow 185cc CNC heads, stage 2 cam and intake manifold. TMI upholstery came to the rescue of the interior with a pile of parts that included their 03-04 Cobra seats for Fox Body Mustangs, custom door panels and more. Topped off with a the new paint job, I didn’t even recognize it from the bare shell it was little over a year ago.

The proceeds from the raffle went to the following charities:

  1. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  2. Victory Junction Gang Camp
  3. Savannah’s Drive
Save A Fox: Mustang Charity Raffle - Save A Fox Mustang Raffle

About the Video

Save A Fox: Mustang Charity Raffle

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Published on 2013-08-09
The guys and gals over at Southeastern Foxbodies (SEFB) set out on an ambitious project - build a Fox Body Mustang to raffle off for charity. We were able to interview SEFB members at Mustang Week 2012 and we quickly determined this was a project that would require a long road of hard work in order to have it ready for Mustang Week 2013. We built a great relationship with this Mustang club and when they approached us about helping sponsor their project we were honored to help!

This raffle benifited the following charities:
1. Juvenile diabetes research foundation
2. Victory Junction Gang Camp
3. Savannah's Drive

Save-A-Fox Made 341 hp and 345 tq
Trickflow 185cc CNC heads, Stage 2 Cam & intake manifold
TMI full upholstery with 03-04 Cobra style seats
LatemodelRestoration.com donated Ford Racing z spec t-5 transmission (M-7003-Z), Ford Racing Driveshaft (M4602G), 3.73 gears, rear differential, 31 spline 5 lug axles, SVE 5 disc conversion and RAM HDX clutch with clutch install kit

Big thank you to Troy Rabe for taking the time to tell the Save-A-Fox story and thanks to the whole SEFB club for giving so much in order to help charity!!!
So one of the members posted on our forum, and he jokingly said, we probably all have enough parts laying around for these cars to build a complete car. That tongue in cheek statement evolved into, well, why don't we? Why don't we build a car and maybe sell it for charity?

We got to kicking around the idea at various meet. And then we got to thinking, well, we can't just build a basic Fox out of used parts. We need to step it up and have put something nice that people are willing to buy, maybe, chances in a raffle for.

So we just started building. And then when we got to points in the build where either safety, performance, or aesthetics were required, we reached out to companies like Late Model Restoration for parts that we just otherwise couldn't source. So we had almost 40 company sponsors step up to donate either money, time, or parts and brought it to a very high-level build that a lot of Fox owners very much appreciate.

And then once we had the car donated, we started working, stripping it down. And I believe if look at the interview from last year, you'll see that this car was a shell on a rotisserie. It didn't look anything like it is today.

We decided to create a Save a Fox build committee. If you just waited for people to volunteer, it's just never going to get off the ground. So we found six SEFB members. We wanted to make sure we built what the club wanted us to build.

We had nominations and voting for the color, the interior, the motor. We also had them nominate and vote charities that we wanted to benefit this project. So we took the top three charities, and that was The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Victory Junction Gang Camp, and Savannah's Drive, a little eight-year-old girl in Kannapolis, North Carolina that's battling leukemia.

One of those aspects, we said, did the club want a 302 based motor or a 351 based motor? Of course 351 won out. They ended up boring it 30 over, so the displacement is 358 cubic inches.

We reached out to Trick Flow. They donated a set of their 185 cc CNC heads. And then they went ahead and also helped us round out the top-end package with their stage two cam R intake and, of course, their valve covers, just to keep their name on the top of the engine.

The motor, we had it chassis dyno tuned at Amazon Tuning. They have a Mustang dyno. And it topped out at 341 horse, 345 torque. But we wanted to keep all the accessories that a Fox normally might have, which is the power steering, power windows, power brakes, AC, power steering. We wanted to build a driver.

One of the major components were Late Model Restoration helped was the drive train. Late Model stepped up with a Z-spec T5, a Ford Racing aluminum drive shaft, a Cobra rear differential, a 3.73 rear gears, 31 spline five-lug axles, of course the in-house SVE brand Cobra brakes, front and rear-- so five-lug, four-wheel disc brakes. We called the guys back at Late Model, and they stepped up and gave us a RAM HDX clutch and then all of the components that you would need to finish out the drive train, a complete clutch installation kit, firewall adjuster, clutch quadrant, cable, pilot bearing, everything you would need to really round it out.

That was a huge burden that was lifted off of us because there were some gaps along the way. And Late Model did a tremendous thing by donating all of those parts for us. And for that, we're just ultimately grateful.

TMI stepped up. The club voted on a black and gray themed interior. We looked at their Cobra-style sport seats and looked no further. Everybody loves the Terminator suede inserts. So we knew if we had the black carpet and that black and gray seats, we needed to figure out how to incorporate the door panels-- so a black speaker grill, black carpet on the bottom, gray center with a factory black trim up top. And then as a nice touch, they took the same gray suede that's in on the seats and put it as an insert on the door panels.

So it was a lot of fun. I learned a lot working on this car. It'll help me when it comes time to work more on my Fox body.

I think we're one and done. I don't know how we can top this, to be honest with you. It's a very high-level build, and any other build would be compared to it. And I wouldn't want it to be disappointing at the end result.

At Southeastern Fox Bodies, we've got a forum that we use for social networking and setting up meets and just filling the time in between the weekends. It's www.sefb.net. We have a Save a Fox section that was dedicated to the build. You could really see it from start to finish. And we've got a photo album that, really, as you're scrolling through, you can see where the car came from and what it is today.

I'm going to have mixed emotions about doing the draw here in a couple hours. We really hope it goes to good home. We hope it goes to somebody that's going to take care of it and appreciate the work that's been put into it. I hope when it's time for them to maybe sell it that they give us the first look because I think we'd like to keep it in the club, for sure.

Save A Fox: Mustang Charity Raffle Tech Info

Southeastern Foxbodies is a club that champions the preservation, restoration and modification of the Ford Fox Body Mustang platform manufactured between 1979 and 1993. A registered 501(c)(7) non-profit, SEFB enjoys regular cruise-ins, car shows and track days that are often associated with charitable fundraising. The club has a website, www.SEFB.net, where members interact for both technical and social purposes. Don’t let the “Southeastern” in the name fool you, we welcome anyone, anywhere that wants to talk Fox Body!!